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  1. Hey guys! I made a massive list of all the Tamable Dinos in ARK and what makes them each special. I made this list for myself but felt like it could be useful for others and posted it to Reddit where it received overwhelming support. Not sure why I didn’t think of this place first but better late than never, right? Anyway, I got all of this info from a mix of the wiki and my own experience (and a few comments from Reddit, thanks again guys) so let me know if anything is missing or wrong and I’ll fix it. Tamable ARK Creatures: Vanilla: 1. Achatina - generates cementing paste and organic polymer 2. Allosaurus - high dps bleed and pack bonus 3. Ankylosaurus - gathers metal, crystal, oil, flint, and obsidian better than anything else, flint/stone in great ratio for sparkpowder 4. Anglerfish - gathers angler gel and silica pearls 5. Araneo - web attack slows enemies 6. Archaeopteryx - passively gathers tree sap and acts as a parachute 7. Argentavis - high weight/weight reduction flyer with smithy saddle 8. Arthropleura - acid spit destroys armor durability, can damage all structures even tek 9. Baryonyx - decent underwater fighter, has stun attack, no oxygen stat, can sprint underwater 10. Basilosaurus - generates oil and is immune to shock damage, insulates, damaged by deep water, heals in shallow, can’t be grabbed by squid 11. Beelzebufo - gathers high amounts of cementing paste from bugs, great travel mount, and leeches don’t agro 12. Brontosaurus - gathers enormous amounts of berries, plus high weight and platform saddle 13. Carbonemys - huge damage reduction shell 14. Carnotaurus - average carnivore 15. Castoroides - extremely high wood gathering (also does this passively), resource weight reduction, and saddle acts as smithy 16. Chalicotherium - acts as a catapult, gathers berries extremely well 17. Coelacanth - none 18. Compy - can sit on shoulder and have pack bonus 19. Daeodon - powerful heal of all nearby Dinos, also gathers cactus sap and rare mushrooms 20. Dilophosaurus - spit can blind enemies 21. Dimetrodon - act as air conditioner (increase damage stat) 22. Dimorphodon - good at swarming enemies and are hard to hit 23. Diplocaulus - acts as oxygen tank, also kills trilobites instantly for some reason 24. Diplodocus - can carry up to 11 players in saddle, huge knock back potential, decent speed for its size 25. Direbear - gathers huge amounts of fiber, can gather up to 15 honey from a hive without damaging the hive, also gathers meat resources and berry resources, great weight and attack, extremely fast, also small passive insulation 26. Direwolf - high pelt, leech blood, and angler gel gatherer, pack bonus howl, can sniff out unfound explorer notes, buried/hidden Dinos, and wounded players/dinos 27. Dodo - livestock for eggs or prime meat (with use of ichthyornis), also expendable suicide dino for alarms, bioweapon, distraction, suicide-bomber, etc. 28. Doedicurus - gathers stone and sand extremely well with huge weight reductions for them (can also gather passively), fast rolling, huge damage reduction shell 29. Dung Beetle - converts poop into fertilizer and oil while wandering (must be able to move) 30. Dunkleosteus - gathers oil, crystal, stone, and metal really well, also head has high damage reduction, can break stone structures 31. Electrophorus - shocks enemies which will slow and weaken damage output 32. Equus - saddle acts as mortar and pestle and also makes lassos, also huge weight reduction to cementing paste, cactus sap, clay, sand, chitin/keratin, and stone, has back kick that can cause torpor 33. Unicorn - see equus 34. Gallimimus - fastest land Dino and can carry three people 35. Giant Bee - can be turned into a beehive structure which consumes rare flowers but generates honey 36. Giganotosaurus - apex carnivore, hunt alphas, gathers prime like none other, tank, high speed and weight, can break stone structures, rage mode when high damage is taken causes it to kill everything (even rider) so be careful not to take fall damage 37. Gigantopithecus - passively gathers fiber, can throw rider high and far, can carry shoulder mounted Dinos, has knockback and can attack through armor 38. Hesperornis - gather organic polymer and lay golden eggs that give exp boosts to Dinos 39. Hyaenodon - saddlebags act as fridge, they heal themselves quickly, and gain pack bonus 40. Ichthyosaurus - high sprint speed with low stamina drain, also doesn’t take knockback or torpor so great at black pearl gathering 41. Ichthyornis - send it to hunt and retrieve and it’ll provide prime meat or prime fish from common, small creatures like dodos or coels 42. Iguanodon - bipedal form for gathering, best at gathering biotoxin, turns berries into seeds, in quadrupedal form no stamina drain and better movement speed 43. Kairuku - provides hypothermic insulation, also provides organic polymer when killed 44. Kaprosuchus - can carry small to medium creatures making taming easy, great leap attack, can rip riders off of their mounts 45. Kentrosaurus - attacks are armor piercing with recoil damage and can impale enemies on tail spikes while causing bleed damage, also gain pack bonus 46. Leech - none 47. Diseased Leech - none 48. Liopleurodon - increases rarity and value of loot drop items, temporary tame only lasts 30 min before disappearing 49. Lystrosaurus - provides exp boost when pet 50. Mammoth - huge weight reduction for wood, fast attack rate, fast, tanky, and high weight 51. Manta - fastest water mount with fun jumping ability 52. Megalania - can climb walls and ceilings, infects players with rabies (which can spread from player to player) 53. Megaloceros - males gather thatch extremely well, females are extremely fast 54. Megalodon - decent water carnivore 55. Megalosaurus - can carry small to medium creatures (even flyers), weak and slow during day but powerful and fast at night, no sleep deprivation on Aberration since it’s all underground 56. Megatherium - bug killer buff drastically increases damage, gathers huge amounts of chitin, kills death worms easily, also gathers cactus sap, thatch, fiber, and berries 57. Mesopithecus - can warn about nearby enemies, throws poop to slow and poison enemies, can open locked thatch and wooden doors from inside, can act as a backpack, also gathers berries passively 58. Microraptor - can knock enemy players off their mounts 59. Mosasaurus - apex water carnivore, extremely powerful water tame, huge platform saddle, high weight 60. Moschops - constantly runs away, passively harvests... everything 61. Onyc - destroys armor quickly 62. Otter - gathers silica and black pearls from common fish, also provides insulation, only dino that can carry an artifact 63. Oviraptor - increase egg laying of Dinos when wandering, can also steal wild or enemy eggs (won’t steal tamed eggs) 64. Ovis - can harvest wool from them with shears, can climb extremely steep cliffs, can be killed for mutton (make sure to select “slaughter” In radial menu, incredible food for taming all carnivores, also great food when cooked) 65. Pachy - attacks do torpor, charge attack can damage structures well 66. Pachyrhinosaurus - uses pheromones to either make most Dinos passive to you or make most Dinos attack you, carries two players 67. Paraceratherium - platform saddle with decent movement speed for its size 68. Parasaur - fear ability that makes small Dinos run, can act as a tripwire 69. Pegomastax - steals items from players, can act as backpack, can collect seeds passively 70. Pelagornis - gathers organic polymer really well, can harvest corpses in one hit, can land safely on water, huge attack bonus on fish, can fish while riding 71. Phiomia - produces a TON of poop when force fed stimberries 72. Piranha - none 73. Plesiosaur - platform saddle, high weight, super fast 74. Procoptodon - can carry an extra player, can also carry babies (imprinting is better when carried) or shoulder Dinos in pouch, fast, good weight, good health 75. Pteranodon - extremely fast flying mount 76. Pulmonoscorpius - capable knockout Dino (wait at least 10 seconds between hits) 77. Purlovia - can act as a land mine by burying and surprise attacking, also can act as a hidden vault 78. Quetzal - platform saddle, super high health, weight, stamina, can carry harvesters effectively, perfect taming mount 79. Raptor - pack bonus and vocalizations give buffs, very fast, can knock players off mounts 80. Rex - best tank/dps for bosses, powerful hunter, roar will force non-allied players and certain Dinos to poop and be stunned 81. Tek Rex - see Rex but slightly more powerful 82. Sabertooth - gathers chitin, keratin, and hide the best and pelts fairly well 83. Sabertooth Salmon - can be killed for prime fish 84. Sarco - can ascend and descend very quickly in water, amphibious mount, doesn’t surface when you dismount, piranhas ignore it, no stamina drain in water and no oxygen stat 85. Spinosaur - good swimmer, gains boost to movement speed, attack damage, and health regeneration while standing in water (turning radius is slowed, however), can switch between quadrupedal (faster movement speed) and bipedal (stronger attacks and smaller turning radius) stances, strong choice of predator (especially in Aberration) 86. Stegosaurus - the armored plates that protect the rider have huge damage reduction to projectiles and can be used to drain turrets 87. Tapejara - can carry three players, can fly backwards and strafe in all directions, can attach itself to walls and ceilings 88. Terror Bird - can glide down, fairly fast mount 89. Therizinosaur - gathers wood, fiber, and meat extremely well, can also gather hides and berries (can also gather all things passively), high dps due to each attack hitting multiple times, most big carnivores ignore it, fast mount with good stamina, gains a harvest level with every normal level achieved, can also gather black pearls extremely well 90. Thylacoleo - decent speed and stamina and can climb vertical surfaces, good health and attack, can pounce on targets which will immobilize them and kill them without resistance 91. Titanoboa - can climb one and sometimes two high walls 92. Titanosaur - temporary tame, knock it out and toss on the saddle, will only live ~20 hours since it can’t eat unless otherwise changed in settings, largest platform saddle, highest everything in game, can break metal and tek structures, largest Dino in game, only thing it can’t kill is a wild giga 93. Triceratops - enemy Dino’s can trigger a rivalry buff (increase to health and damage) for all tamed and wild nearby trikes, good for berry gathering, high knockback, head takes seriously reduced damage, great charge attack 94. Trilobite - can be killed for silica and black pearls, oil, and chitin 95. Troodon - increased aggression radius and movement speed at night, pack bonus, can upgrade scout ability instead of leveling up to locate players, tames, traps, and wild Dinos within a radius, can use venom to drain stamina and knock out players 96. Tusoteuthis - can carry large Dinos, constantly inflicts torpor while holding, generates oil, can gather large amounts of organic polymer from penguins, can harvest large amounts of biotoxin from jellyfish, immune to shock 97. Wooly Rhinoceros - charge attack is highly damaging even to large creatures, running will knock down trees automatically and it won’t slow it down, has high weight, gathers thatch and berries very well 98. Yutyrannus - courage roar boost the attack and decreased incoming damage by 40%, intimidation roar will cause Dinos to run in fear (even when mounted) and causes a debuff that increases damage taken and decreases attack by 50% in addition, the feared Dinos will poop themselves constantly and not respond to commands, knockback and all around decent damaging mount Scorched Earth Only (though these can be found on Ragnarok as well): 1. Jerboa - can detect what weather is coming, can also act as a backpack 2. Lymantria - has slowing gas ability, overall poor flyer 3. Mantis - can equip tools so it can gather any resource, increase damage, or apply torpor, also great jump ability, produces eggs far more often in “unknown” areas of map 4. Morellatops - acts as water tank, gathers berries, thatch, and cactus sap, also pretty fast jack-of-all-trades mount 5. Phoenix - super fast flying mount, burns golems easily, acts as campfire and forge cooking food and metal alike, and poops silica pearls 6. Rock Elemental - natural 50% damage reduction, can throw rocks like a catapult and damage stone structures, can hide in the form of a rock, will sink to ocean floor but has no oxygen stat, can collect most base resources including stone really well 7. Thorny Dragon - gathers wood extremely well, wood, thatch, fiber, and stone have a weight reduction, saddle acts as a smithy (can feed it focal chili to make it craft faster), can shoot quilts to inflict torpor and keep enemies at bay or knock out Dinos 8. Vulture - can attack from shoulder for extra protection, meat has 4x spoil time in inventory, passively harvests meat when on shoulder and standing next to corpses 9. Wyvern (Fire, Lightning, Poison variants) - gathers wood, thatch, and cactus sap well, can carry many Dinos, very very fast with low stamina drain, fairly maneuverable, powerful bites and specialized breath weapons, fire shoots a cone of fire directly in front of its head dealing high damage to all targets in cone and leaves a burning DoT, lightning shoots a beam of lighting directly at whatever the head is aiming at which deals extremely high damage and some torpor, poison shoots a ball of poison gas that travels for a long distance in a straight line that is hard to aim but explodes on contact leaving an AoE gas cloud that damages the rider as well as the mount Ragnarok Only: 1. Dire Polar Bear - see direbear 2. Griffin - fastest flyer with powerful divebomb attack, can carry two players and small Dinos 3. Ice Wyvern - see wyvern but the ice shoots a cone of frost breath similar to the fire except it causes the target to be slowed Aberration Only: 1. Basilisk - high torpor attack, highest base weight of all creatures, high damage, high speed, and has no oxygen stat, can also burrow 2. Bulbdog - provides charge (best capacity) and detects players and max level Dinos 3. Featherlight - provides charge (low capacity but best range) and detects players and max level Dinos, also only flying Dino that can wear a helmet 4. Glowtail - provides charge (low capacity, best recharge rate) and detects players and max level Dinos, also cannot fight back 5. Karkinos - can traverse Aberration well due to massive jumping, can pick up two creatures at once (tamed or wild), no oxygen stat and straight vertical jump in water, immune to radiation, can carry harvesters, little to no fall damage depending on distance 6. Lamprey - can unclaim for it to attach to you and provide charge and radiation protection 7. Ravager - decent stamina, decent speed, can use zip lines, excellent jumping, wood, fungal wood, thatch, metal, green gem, fiber, crystal, obsidian, and stone weight reduction, also pack bonus, little to no fall damage depending on distance 8. Reaper - apex Aberration carnivore, super powerful, fast and can jump, it floats on water, immune to radiation, can burrow making a super charged tripmine or hidden vault with a powerful guardian, acid attack can slow enemies 9. Rock Drake - extreme mobility thanks to gliding, swimming, AND climbing walls/ceilings, can turn invisible with camouflage ability, the feathers on their head will stand up when reapers are nearby, can be used to easily gather more rock drake eggs, can carry an extra player 10. Roll Rat - gathers wood well with 80% reduction in weight for it, rolls quickly and can carry multiple players, can quickly remove trees and rocks by rolling through them, keep in mind that the saddle can break 11. Shinehorn - provides charge (balanced charge capacity and recharge rate), detect players and max level Dinos Plus the Aberrant versions of the following Dinos (they have 4% less health, 6% more damage, and glow in the dark). They have the same utilities, however, so they will not be listed twice. See above for details. 1. Achatina 2. Anglerfish 3. Ankylosaurus 4. Araneo 5. Arthropleura 6. Baryonyx 7. Beelzebufo 8. Carnotaurus 9. Carbonemys 10. Coelacanth 11. Dimetrodon 12. Dimorphodon 13. Diplocaulus 14. Diplodocus 15. Direbear 16. Dodo 17. Doedicurus 18. Dung Beetle 19. Electrophorus 20. Equus 21. Gigantopithecus 22. Iguanodon 23. Lystrosaurus 24. Manta 25. Megalosaurus 26. Moschops 27. Otter 28. Ovis 29. Paraceratherium 30. Parasaur 31. Piranha 32. Pulmonoscorpius 33. Purlovia 34. Raptor 35. Sabertooth Salmon 36. Sarco 37. Spinosaurus 38. Stegosaurus 39. Titanoboa 40. Triceratops 41. Trilobite
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