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  1. Maybe get to them on Twitter... Here's a link where I asked and still no reply
  2. Linux/Mac update v299 As usual when an update gets out, we have to wait and we get locked out of official servers... Let's pray this one won't take a week to be released. I just asked Ced on Twitter here let's see if he answers ! Seems like they are working on getting the win10 out but hopefully they release the Linux/Mac client after that...
  3. Ced hinted that Mac builds were on the way. No idea for linux though, hopefully in the same timeline..
  4. Asking on Twitter and Reddit would probably get more attention... Especially if we are many doing so... Seems like this is where the devs and the CM are active, not here on those forums...
  5. As I said in the other thread, you should try asking https://twitter.com/ComplexMinded , he helped for the valguero update... I already did ask btw, but no answers yet...
  6. Last time it took a week for Linux clients to get the update ( valguero ). It seems like asking on this forum is unlikely to receive an answer. Best bet may be to ask Ced ( https://twitter.com/ComplexMinded ) on Twitter, this is what got things done last time...
  7. proton does not allow you to play on official servers... Battleye service fails to start. They are supposed to be working with steam though to add support for proton, but no ETA.
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