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  1. Looks great! Hope to see more of your artwork in the future.
  2. Ahh, thank you so much! I did notice their health was way different from each other. Once again, thank you.
  3. Baby Dino Help SO recently I started breeding Sabers and as soon as I got a breeding pair from the original Sabers (the babies weren't twins and they are both level 230) I started well....breeding them. For some reason, none of the babies are coming out as the same level. Which I thought was odd since I did the same thing with thylas and direwolves and the levels were the same besides the mutated ones. May somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong please?
  4. The first Thyla is a navy-ish blue all over besides the top stripe which is storm cloud grey. She's a female. The second Thyla is a dark aqua-minty green with a rose-magenta belly. He has a storm cloud grey stripe on top. He's a male. Just wanted to add, I have a different Thyla called Caesar. So maybe a Greek name or Roman name?
  5. Name Recommendations for Thylas Hellooo~ I just need some name recommendations for my two thylas! Thanks!
  6. I like this idea! But maybe instead of electric walls there could be electric fences? Or both! Anyways, this is a good idea!
  7. Oml I adore this idea. It'd be cool to see some un-abberant creatures that have that same bioluminescent color.
  8. A New Mammal? Hello there! I was just thinking, maybe a new mammal would be nice? There's probably a lot of suggestions like this, but hopefully mine would be of somewhat interest to some people. I have many ideas for these possible new creatures that could be added to Ark! And guess what? These animals are from the Triassic period! Here are some of my mammal recommendations! (Warning! I am not an expert when it comes Lisowicia Bojani: The Lisowicia is an African Elephant sized synapsid that lived in what is now Poland. (Since Poland is a colder place, the Lisowicia would probably live somewhere in the snowy biome. I've been to Poland during the winter and it does get really cold there, it also snows a lot in the winter.) The Lisowicia is four-legged and reached an estimated length of 14.7 feet or 4.5 meters. The Lisowicia was 8.5 feet tall or 2.6 meters long and had a body mass of 9 tons. The Lisowicia was a herbivore and since most of Ark's bigger herbivores fight when attacked, it would make sense if it did. But I was thinking that this creature could be rather smart and only attack smaller carnivorous creatures if it were to be attacked. That means it would flee from bigger predators such as Allos, T-Rexes, Yutys, etc. If it were to be attacked by smaller creatures, the creatures would have to be in a pack. So it would be attacked by Raptors, Direwolves, and Hyenadons. The Lisowicia could also have the same ability as the Trike since it also has a well-armored head. Also, it would be cool if it had a "fear" ability like the Yuty that scares off smaller predators. Since the body is similar to a Morellatops you could use that as a base for it. If it were to be ridden, the saddle would probably be able to be unlocked at a earlier level, such as 15-25. Morganucodon: The Morganucodon is a small, plantigrade mammal. It had a fairly long tail and looked like a shrew or mouse. The Morganucodon was only 10 cm long. There is evidence indicating that the Morganucodon lived in a forest area. The (I'm just going to call it Morgan now) Morgan fossils had the substance of Hirmerellia in it, which may mean they fed on it. Surprisingly, I have many ideas for this small creature. The Morgan was most likely nocturnal and lived in borrows, so, the Morgan could have a new feature that allows it to make borrows underground and the only time they will come up is during the night or if you have sap. Speaking of sap, maybe sap could be it's primary food source and since you get sap in the red wood biome they would spawn in the red wood biome. This doesn't have any logic attached to it, but the Morgan could have an ability that makes it smell bad and that would cause predators (such as Terror Birds, Thylas, etc) to stay away from it. The Morgan could also live in an "underground city" that is made up of 3 or more burrows. The Morgan could also be good at harvesting sap from trees. It would probably be a shoulder creature.
  9. Share some of your favorite bases, dinos, etc. Hello! I just want to see some of your favorites dinos (that you have on your server or solo, haha sorry, I made a mistake with my wording earlier so I went ahead and fixed that), bases, and other things you like. Maybe share some tips for some new people if they were to come by this? To be honest, I just want to know what's up! : D (I do plan to share some of my things too, also, I play on Xbox so the quality of the photos may be a bit low, sorry!)
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