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  1. Wildcard please fix new dino. Wildcard I love the game but non dedicated needs some love there have been a lot of bugs affecting the host of non dedicated servers please please fix the sound cutting out bug with non dedicated host on crystal isles and now have found a new bug with the new dino when host is picked up and try's to struggle it does not affect the meter dino does not bite just continue's to fly up to the border please fix this it's really game breaking for non dedicated players I know your official servers are important but please give non dedicated some love, host still can not use deinonychus latch ability deeming the dino useless for the host to use. Please wildcard.
  2. Same issue on our non dedicated server host sounds cut out for a short time, only the character sounds cut ambient sounds remain the same.
  3. I really hope this new dino comes with a second saddle without the turret? Like the quetz? Maybe fingers crossed it gets a platform saddle to build on. We need a new sky base dino!
  4. It's still bugged out, it will teleport you back to the last latch spot you had when you jump even if it's on the other side of the map, only known fix I have for this is dismount after latching that seems to reset the preset latch point. Dont expect this to ever be fixed. Seems it's a dead project that wild card will never go back to. Since it does not affect official.
  5. To my knowledge no, maybe some will be fixed with the Easter update.
  6. Thank you! Added the first one to the list because I know it's on PC, but not the second one untill I confirm it's on PC.
  7. Single player/non dedicated glitches. So since the most recent update I here are some glitches I have found on my single player/non dedicated. #1 Dino wipes do not work untill you relog. #2 Ferox does not scale with taming multiplier, disappears randomly when transforming. #3 Dinos walk off when dismounted. #4 Over spawning of dinos in all biomes/certain dinos not respawning after killing all of them ie. Ferox does not respawn. (Overspawn of coelacanth/ammonite in ocean biome.) #5 Certain Dino’s don’t spawn for example. Bog biome has no fish/Kapro/sacro/spino there’s no fish in the snow biome either. #6 Bloodstalker drops you after pulling you up (not struggling). #7 Non dedicated host can not see bloodstalker webs but players join can. #8 When in lunar biome throwing otter off shoulder it floats to ground (I assume as intended) when teleporting to other biome throw otter off shoulder still floats to ground as if still in lunar biome. (Fixes after relog) #9 On non dedicated players that join can fix glitches but on log out does not save that you have fixed it, therefore resetting the number back to 0. #10Tranqed dinos disappear when teleporting out of biome. #11 (not game breaking but irritating) X dinos don't show proper markings on taxidermy bases, bloodstalker dermis does not line up with base at all. Please feel free to comment below with other bugs you have found I will add to the list as I find more issues. Some listed may not be just on singleplayer may also affect official. (Possible on PC, XBOX, PS4)
  8. Im having the same issue with this also when I have them where I want them it seems ingame is ignoring my settings I have mating timer way down so my dinos can mate almost instantly but it still has a crazy high timer on it......its really frustrating.
  9. Oh good I'm so glad you got it to work! Not sure what happened with that but hey if it works lol
  10. I rechecked my .ini and I had it spelled wrong it's working for me now maybe check the spelling. Mine looks like this. I have the added the line under difficultyoffset If it still does not work I'm sorry I don't know how to help [ServerSettings] DifficultyOffset=1.000000OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0
  11. So that's why I cant get mine out of the ob on abbaration well that stinks! That's not fair it's a perfect creature for abbaration!
  12. I have done this as well and it's not working on our non dedicated server either I'm wondering if its broke....
  13. Check your .ini files I had mine set to 210 max lvl dinos and after the install for genesis it reset the .ini to default so I had to add the line in again.
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