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    I would love to know where we can purchase merchandise like this i would buy 2 of everything.
  2. Like I said in my post I'm not upset about it being delayed...I am upset about them not telling us sooner or at least planning for issues to come up wild card does not have the best track record with release dates so it would be proactive for them to plan ahead for a delay and just push the intend date back from the target date example: if they had planned a release date for July in the first place no one would be complaining about it being delayed and they would have plenty of time for QA testing and suprize bugs.
  3. Ok I will admit I am very disappointed not in the fact there is a delay I'm disappointed in the timing I'm sure you knew about this delay for weeks and yet you still post about it being released on the 26th up untill now, why? Why wait till a week before to let us know of a delay you knew about weeks ago I hope you at wild card will work on this when working on ark 2 and if anything make a date well past your target date then if its done sooner your followers will be much happier for a earlier than stated release date. So your not making false promises.
  4. Rest in peace Heather! ❤ And to all the loved ones who have enjoyed this game! Just keep peace that we will one day see you all again. Wild card you guys are amazing for doing what you do!
  5. I really hope this new dino comes with a second saddle without the turret? Like the quetz? Maybe fingers crossed it gets a platform saddle to build on. We need a new sky base dino!
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