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  1. Ok, so no Evo event, because servers are stable. I just transfered to Ext, and the server is down. I bet all my salary that I"ll have my character deleted for the 3rd time in less than 1 year because of this... Where is the stability you said the servers were??? Can you just stop this b@$@#$#???
  2. And how about the lost characters all over the servers that were down for hours???
  3. I'd complain about not having EVO event this weekend.... but having no corrupted dinos damaging structures in PVE... THANK YOU WC!!!
  4. Only one week??? But that's ok... we can do a lot of things! lol
  5. Please... Evo event!! Don't let the new players go away! lol
  6. C'mom WC!!!! At least 2x harvesting! I know you guys want to lauch Gen II. But don't leave ARK 1 all by itself! Many people love this game!
  7. Server 353 is down... like.. went down 5 min ago! Thanks WC :|
  8. The real thing that makes me not liking much the Christmas hunting thing are people stealing your gifts.... when I started, we were in an isolated server, so little people playing and all friends, so we decided to pick one gift at a time to let others have a chance. But once we moved to Official, things got ugly. Some guys used the tek grenate to move my flyer away from me, making me being killed by allos... it's a nice idea to have the gifts falling from the sky, but it is not so much fair, because I saw people just sitting where the presents fall...
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