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  1. I love the people at ark, they have made my favorite game ever, but these community crunches just keep getting worse and worse. I haven't learned anything new from this. I understand you're busy, but every time i check here i expect something new from you guys, but i'm just disappointed when i read these. Basically what i'm saying is i would rather have no community crunch (if you have nothing new), than a disappointment.
  2. random colored dinos, and i want you to add special dinos like the dodorex. Bring back the dodo rex!
  3. Deinonychus not climbing or attaching to large dinos. So me and my friend just started playing Valguero and we got some Deinonychus eggs. We hatched them and then when i rode on mine i couldn't climb or jump onto dinos. The thing is my friend could. Does anyone else know anything about this? thanks!
  4. So my game is saving fine but with the newest update the deinos have been able to climb or grapple only large dinos or any dinos. Anyone know why, or if it will be fixed?
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