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  1. We want Griffins to be easier totame This is self explanatory. IT'S SO HARD TO TAME GRIFFINS. It's not the respect system that makes me mad. it's the amount of kibble and the amount of time that it takes to tame a griffin. Honestly, Griffins are awesome, but tbh, nothing is really worth that much kibble and time. I play on Medium PVP, and on PVP, that griffin will surely die faster than how long it took to tame it. Please either make griffins worth the 17 hours of work, or lower that amount of time and kibble. I recommend just speeding up their hunger, so they eat faster. LMK if anybody agrees.
  2. I am sure that they will be adding yutyrannus to mobile, but as an eerie creature. Whether or not Wardrum Studios is competent enough to include the fear mechanic, is another question altogether.
  3. 450 flyers everywhere Is it normal for the alpha tribe(as well as some other big tribes) to be filled with 450 tames on a Medium server? For the life of me, I can't get any of my tames past 300. Are they mutating? How do I mutate my tames? And I don't know how this is even possible but the Alphas have a 674 quetz and that thing is scaring the living crap out of me. Isn't 450 the maximum any tame can go up to?
  4. I have no idea why you're not able to find them. Even on Single Player, they should be able to be found easily. Just try to find them again.
  5. I respectfully disagree, because the fact that you can just buy amber makes the game too easy. The quantity of amber given from actually purchasing it with real money is overpowered. Plus you have forgotten about the Arketypes, which you can't even purchase with amber. You have to spend real money, and it gives OVERPOWERED items. A lot of people say that Arketypes aren't overpowered to mask the fact that they are the most powerful PvP items ever! I mean, there's an item that can knock out a human in a single shot, regardless of fortitude. Ark Mobile is one of the most pay-to-win games ever. They might as well add a way to completely beat the game by paying $30.
  6. Sorry about that dude. Hopefully when they take their attention off of Genesis, they'll try to resume their progress for Switch. I have a friend that plays the Switch Ark and complains about how crappy it is. TBH, without the DLCs, Ark Mobile is a lot better than regular Ark, because at least they introduce things like Dungeons, Arketypes, Primal Pass, and all of that stuff.
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