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  1. Usually I bring tons of Tranqs around with me. And narcotics, or bio toxin. One time I rode my argy towards the redwoods, I found a 110 quetz, I thought I had it in the bag, so it’s torpor was really low, then I realised I hadn’t been watching my stamina. I had to land miles away from the ground, it took a minute to reload stamina, then I headed back up. AND IT WAS GONE.
  2. ... So, I just looked at nodecraft website, and that looks cool, it’s quite a lot of my money every year though...
  3. I will reply to things tommorrow
  4. Well BeadyH, it seems you have a big problem here....
  5. Ark Mobile Servers (unofficial) So, I have ark on my iPad, I enjoy the game very much indeed. When I first saw you could make your own server, I thought, me and my bro and all my friends who play ark can all be leaders of the server, and we can give free levels to good players. I thought all would be great. Then I figured out that you had to pay for it. Fair enough, I’d be happy to pay a bit of money, then I own the server. But, nope. Monthly payment if I remember correctly. And I am very sure it is about 11 quid for every payment. I would be happy to BUY a server not RENT a server. I think that that is a fair thing to add. Maybe you could get a server free with the god console. Or there could be some more events where you can win a prize of a server to have some fun in with your friends. I would really appreciate this. (Not that I’ll win the event, but it would be nice.)
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