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  1. Apparently i cant use melee attacks either, was there a setting i hit on accident or something?
  2. Title is pretty self explanatory, no type of player made projectiles work across my entire singleplayer, not just one map or character specific. Arrows, bullets, shotgun shells, darts, nothing. I shoot them, and they dont hit, no matter how well i aim or how close or far. (no its not because of my aim XD) Ive tried restarting ark, restarting and rebooting console, even deleted and redownloaded ark and nothing has worked, oddly enough my mek’s pistol and cannon does work. Any help?
  3. No evo event for a month, do you guys just like sitting here abandoning your game until 2022? Nobodys gonna buy ark 2 if you show you cant keep a game’s audience
  4. Still pissed xbox doesnt get 3 extra days of fear evolved, but this sorta makes up for it
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