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  1. Genesis boss fight Hey everyone I hope you all hear me out i was testing the genesis boss just an hour ago and it was really difficult with many Dinos getting more useless and underrated i saw that obviously that the Dinos we’re fighting on the boss fight are corrupted Dinos that look a but Tek and sense they had the same thing in extinction we had the enforcers the fight them fir starters which was and I’m seeing a lot of people saying that they’re useless and sometimes they are but we can use them to actually fight the genesis boss with the extra damage that they can do it I’ll be and ea
  2. Dry land on the megachelon aka giant turtle Hey everyone i was wondering if I’m the only one that thought that the megachelon would and air pocket or dry land when underwater because it’s not and the reason everyone wanted it because they thought it could do that and when you tame it u find out it’s soo slow and can’t fight and u can get killed by anything with the X dinos being there and the turning radius is awful idk if it’s because they didn’t think if it because who wouldn’t I’m thinking that it was too complicated too code with how big the game is all things considered pvp can use th
  3. I thought so too and a lot of people did idk what’s up but I think it was too hard to code a moving dry land
  4. I lost all my skins in ark and I think I know why but idk how to get them back Hey everyone i have all the achievements in ark i play on the xbox and i had every skin in the game I basically downloaded ark on my pc from my Microsoft account and I played ark for about two hours in there i had everything including my skins and i go play it on my xbox and I didn’t not spawn with any of my skins I Uninstalled and installed the game but nothing worked even the skins that I bought were not showing play if anyone knows how to fix this please help
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