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  1. I havent been able to play for over a week now. Waiting so much to get back to play. The thing is that i have been at my dads house and still am there. So i have only my laptop which is not powerful AT ALL and it does not have enough space for ark. Luckily my tribe mate has been able to play
  2. I would say the argy. It is easy to tama at least in ragnarok with mutton, it is a great fighter and great carrier. It is a flyer so you can get around fast. Also they are breed able
  3. Make the transfwr times shorter It is so hard to transfer to another server from a drop. For example if i wanted to go tame a argentavis or a pteranodon and i live far from any obelisk so i need to walk to a obelisk or try to find a drop that lasts long enough to the timer go down. So i think the timer should be removed or atleast reduced to like 5min max.
  4. I would love that! But they should be kinda expensive so that everyone does not have thousands of them. And the cryo fridge should also be craftable in fabricator
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