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  1. Never said it was the wrong place lol Just the last place
  2. I guarantee you that the mobile forum is the absolute last place you’d want to ask... however, no. It isn’t coming out Saturday.
  3. You can easily tell by seeing if you have any items upon respawning after a normal death. Death in the dungeons functions exactly the same as deaths outside, except your body bag isn’t accessible.
  4. They did give a reasonable amount of time for transfers, so you can’t blame anyone for having to start over. That’s a risk you take investing money into mobile games. I still think these data issues are on the provider side and not the game side, regardless of what people “think”. Data providers make small little changes and tweaks all the time that can have bigger seemingly “unrelated” effects on network users devices.
  5. Then why ask? It would just be faster to test it out. Not on single player.
  6. Alt attack one is a roar, alt attack two is bipedal mode (or vice versa). Not sure about the pachyrhino question...
  7. Oviraptors ONLY affect chances of twins/triplets in terms of breeding effects and the effect *may* stack to no more than 3x if it does indeed stack in Mobile.
  8. I must be the Ark Master Electrician then lol... but it takes wayyyyyy too long getting it perfectly square... @TroyParry what if you tried running the cable just under the ceilings? Would that work? They would then be hidden and not noticeable if slightly off alignment.
  9. Lol, it took you guys way too long to figure this out. Large creatures almost always take longer to mature. Dodo sizes were kind of just “filler” content. A fun element to experiment with while other content was being worked on. At full 3.5 size while riding a dodo, a “butt slam” can be performed that temporarily stuns some creatures.
  10. All you have to do is claim the baby. Respect plays no part in breeding and is a graphical bug if being displayed. Also, it doesn’t have to be the mother for feeding. It can be any adult FEMALE griffin.
  11. It must be next to an adult FEMALE griffin, not necessarily the mother. Allies’ female griffins will work as well as long as it is close enough to her. This is only required until it reaches the juvenile stage of its development.
  12. Dude, other than cooked fish meat, raw fish is the worst thing you can use to tame a basilo. Use regular meat at the very least. The taming bar drops like that because it’s hunger is falling faster than you can satisfy it since fish adds very little hunger. A level 2 should take you less than one stack of raw meat. Just kill a parasaur, harvest the bloody corpse and feed the pieces to the basilo.
  13. Are you using the same Game Center account?
  14. As long as the tribe settings remain on personally owned, the above information is accurate.
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