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  1. Glad I found this thread I know it's pretty old but has some recent replays. I was wondering if there was higher then the 415's I just popped on my legacy server. So mine are pretty good though the guy that said he got 455 base is insane. Wish mine popped at 455 lol.
  2. Thank you for that response, even had the hyperlink added! Really much appreciated went ahead and put a ticket in. Crazy that theres a bunch of other servers going through the same thing right now.
  3. Removal of xbox server not on removal list. So I was playing in my legacy server today and got dced. I tried logging back in after refreshing the game and it said server could not be found? My server was listed on the server list. Refreshed again and it was gone? Did this happen to anybody else? I mean I'd understand if my server was on that removal list but it wasn't.. There was no in game warning message either about the server going down? This was hours ago and my server still is not listed.. Any advice how to contact the devs? I tried looking it up and it brought me to a wildcard page to input email. I just find it extremely unfair that my server that was populated heavily to be completely removed without any warning. I've just lost all my dinos my character everything..
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