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  1. Getting more players joining, still always got space for some newbies !
  2. Updated with new discord link that shouldn't expire now haha
  3. Exodus Cluster - Includes all maps Exodus Cluster was set up by a group so that we could have a drama free, relaxed space just to the play the game and have a laugh, So if you are looking for the same thing feel free to join us. The server rates are : 10x taming 6x gathering 3x xp 2x all stats besides weight 5x weight 15x dino weight 3x maturation 3.5x egg hatch Normal max level players and dinos We also have an Obelisk placed in Portal on Abb You can find us by searching under Unofficial PC Sessions, Game Mode PVE and simply typing in Exodus Cluster Feel free to join the our discord aswell https://discord.gg/fkNgpcS
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