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  1. Not like they do right now anyway. I have not seen such a slow ass support staff in my life, 11 days and still no reply.
  2. You are honestly telling us to transfer servers when literally 10 days ago I lost my character over a simple transfer and you guys were still not able to reply to the ticket? 10 days and it took me less to level back up to 100.
  3. Freya

    New UI

    @Jen do we still get the "Q" option for the text overlay?
  4. Nothing. My server's been down for 12+ hours, yay!
  5. So what if they had to wait for it? We, PC players, had to struggle with the bugs and lag and bugs and every single thing that went wrong for over a year and what do we get? A big fat nothing? Yes, I say nothing because a parasaur saddle skin is really nothing compared to a bionic giga skin that some people get for just waiting for the game, while others actually had to experience it and all the issues that it had/has, had to endure the lag, the bugs, the rollback, more lag, even more bugs, more bugs and more lag. Your logic seems pretty fair to me. Honestly don't see why they should be "EXCLUSIVE" for other consoles when PC has been here for the longest and I would say helped the development of the game the most so far. Why not make these bionic skins obtainable for ALL (PC, Xbox, PS4)? It's simply not fair and I can assume you that this is NOT just my opinion.
  6. Well if the alphas are not complete assholes, other people playing wouldn't be a problem. Also I doubt you will even have the chance to "raid them back" if they bring a bunch of gigas from the island/center, another bunch of wyverns and golems and tons and tons of explosives and gear since there is no limit for those and if it happens that you are hated by multiple tribes from different servers, then you're just done.
  7. Already had to deal with people transferring wyverns and golems from SE trying to wipe servers, now we have to deal with all that + gigas and titans and whatever else they can bring from the island/center servers. At least try to also limit the amount of items people can bring or make a cool-down for item transfer too. That wouldn't even solve the problem if 50 people come on your server out of nowhere with full inventory of explosives. Let's not forget that SE map was supposed to be harder than the others, now we can just transfer all the kibble in the world to tame stuff there and make our lives a lot easier oh and structures? So I can farm the volcano on the island and get a bunch of metal, make a bunch of structures and go to SE and boom, already have a base. I really don't know why you guys did this, but I don't like it at all. Hope you made the right decision here.
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/id/JDragon03/ send me a friend request on steam if u would like always looking for other PC people from ark!

  9. Well I think since Broodmother is at the Green Obelisk (and you know it's green), the Dragon is probably going to be at the Red Obelisk
  10. The Direbear takes Carno Kibble and Manta takes Angler Gel (you probably know that by now tho )
  11. And I'm still here waiting for a reply on my ticket about the lost dinos
  12. Freya

    Christmas Day!

    Merry Christmas everyone!!
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