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  1. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Enjoyed the 255 ping!! [emoji1]
  2. Day One! Launch & More!

  3. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Not like they do right now anyway. I have not seen such a slow ass support staff in my life, 11 days and still no reply.
  4. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    You are honestly telling us to transfer servers when literally 10 days ago I lost my character over a simple transfer and you guys were still not able to reply to the ticket? 10 days and it took me less to level back up to 100.
  5. Transfer all disconnects me from game?

    Have you tried to verify your files? Don't exactly know any other solution to this as it never happens to me.
  6. ServerEU 610 gone ?????

    @lilpanda 19+ hours offline
  7. Spinosaurus spawn at island map

    Spinos seem to spawn whenever you kill a lot of fish in the rivers. We did it on the green ob river (the side that goes all the way in the ocean) and a bunch of them spawned as we were killing the fish. Worth giving this a try.
  8. Fast Travel Bug

    This has been an issue for ages honestly. Sitting on a dino (if you have one around you) forces the base to actually render.
  9. Artifacts Bugged?

    You can't get the artifact from them right now, they're bugged. I believe this was already reported to the devs and they're aware of it, so hopefully, we'll see a fix for it soon.
  10. A joke, a terrible one....

    You should expect such things after "2 and a half years" of playing and complaining about how long it takes for them to release a patch won't help, there will still be delays. It sucks indeed but nothing you can do about it. Actually sorry to hear that you are a "disappointed customer" because I've played for over 2 years and got over 5600 hours on it and I love it. Yea, some things suck but it offers more great content that, for me at least, balances the poop that's not working properly.
  11. Ragnarok (Connection)

    It's not just the Ragnarok servers, this is happening for Island and Center servers too sadly.

    This is happening to a lot of servers right now apparently. I guess all we can do is report it and wait.
  13. This is happening to a lot of servers and it's been going for 7+ hours (at least on my server). I guess all we can do is report it and wait.
  14. OMG the patch is coming out today!! Just kidding, delayed again.
  15. Here's a thought! How about you actually MENTION everything you do in the patch notes? I don't see anything mentioned about a bronto HP nerf but it's there!