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  1. I need help when the servers restarted I got put under the mesh Is it possible for a gm to come help me I’m currently in the mesh with a pocket giga and would rather not lose it
  2. You hurt my brain, when I read ur paragraph I lost brain cells
  3. They have that mode on ps4, but again this idea is for small tribes that wanna build but can’t cause the big tribes wipe everyone except other big bases cause they can’t handle them
  4. I love official don’t get me wrong and I’m built right now and I’m not worried about getting wiped but I’m talking about all other people that wanna play but can’t cause everytime they go to start big tribes wipe them. it’s at that point where big tribes don’t raid other big tribes and they only raid small bases cause they can’t handle bigger ones
  5. @Boogieman1985 bro I’m in like 7 dif discord’s and there is like 10k people in two of them and they want servers to wipe mind u all the people in the discord’s are top pvpers and alphas of tons of servers and they want it to wipe cause start game is more fun then end. Am I wrong or right about that
  6. @UnKnownCaveDudeu do realize that even the biggest tribes on smalls want them to wipe so that way everyone gets a fresh start and it basically be like the servers just dropped it would be good for the game and it would bring a lot of people back
  7. I don’t think you’ve been keeping up to date everyone is posting about it there is no proof needed
  8. Wipe ps4 official servers Please wipe the ps4 official and small tribe servers cause there is a new duping method and it’s ruining the game
  9. This needs to be fixed ASAP the game depends on it In the game after this most recent update you can use the longnecks to damage structures and anyone in a cave the longneck does 2k damage to the structure
  10. More small tribes server Is it possible to get more console valguero servers for small tribes cause every server is full?
  11. I think that 2 or 3 man servers is a good idea with no manas no titans and no tek that way smaller tribes can build up fast and not get instantly wiped
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