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  1. Base not rendering and disconnecting on loading. Trying to get in game and base is not rendering and I get disconnecting on loading after a maintenance on 28th November 2019. I am playing on 1073 Valgeuro and half of the players population are having the same problem as me. Been trying for the whole two hours for two days now and still have the same problem.
  2. Empty cryo pods babies and Dinos disappear from cryofridge. I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone or having the same problem. 10 empty cryo pods and my Juvenile aberration spino just disappeared which 5 minutes ago I just put it back in to the cryofridge while waiting for the 5 minutes cool down to be over. If you are going to say that I was robbed the answer is no since the doors was close and I was standing by the cryo fridge for the whole 5 minutes and was alone in the hatchery and my tribemate was having a bad internet connection at that time plus I keep records of how many cryo pods we have.
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