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  1. Yes, there is almost certainly DLCs on the way to the Nintendo Switch version of ARK... it's just been massively delayed (probably due to all their other developments in ARK).
  2. Sweet! Friend request sent and I'll send you an invite to the tribes discord.
  3. It's good that someone is still putting out ARK:Survival Evolved content for Switch. 10/10 for this effort, I think this is the best episode so far. Worth checking out, and why not support this guy with a like or a sub
  4. TheIsland88 is fairly well populated, not over crowed, nor has too bad pillaring (except herbivore Island which is kinda OK as it keeps it free). Our tribe [Shadow Garden] play here, we would be happy to forge an alliance
  5. You know what, I've founded a large tribe, built a large HQ and outposts in all the other ARKs (DLC), I'm flying around on drakes and wyverns and have beaten The Island bosses on PC but I'm bored of it now. It was no challenge (with mods, hand-outs and a little help from friends) and I got no real sense of achievement. But ARK on Switch (I'll play that till gone midnight) still struggling to just survive a walk along the beach but am still really enjoying it. In fact in many ways I prefer the vanilla hard-core experience on Switch than on PC as I find it more satisfying achieving even some of the basic things and knowing that there is so much more to unlock, tame, etc.
  6. No kidding it most definitely is that! Personally I'm still loving it after 100+ hours on Switch (and 250+ hours since getting it again with all DLCs on PeeCee) and I still come back to it for the simple pleasure of a hard-core mode (i.e. vanilla, no S+ or mods). I've learned loads by playing it on PC and have fun attempting to do it again on Switch which is a huge challenge. ARK on Switch is so much more difficult than PC. I don't mind the low-res graphics because the framerate is fine and runs smoother and better than on some peoples PCs, in the spirit of Nintendo it is more about the game-play and Ark on Switch does that very well. If people don't obsess about the niggly bits there's a lot of game in there to get on and enjoy!
  7. It's great to finally hear something from the devs about this, excellent info! I know the graphics are low, but the refresh-rate/fps on Switch are actually fine, it's certainly not unplayable in the slightest. I still switch back from PC to play Ark on Switch. It's a great game! I look forward to seeing the DLC in time, but in the mean time there's still plenty to explore on The Island.
  8. It's what the YouTuber Ark: Survival Guide was talking about in one of this videos. BLUF: The facts are that the devs have officially said that DLC is coming to Switch, however the schedule for DLC to be release on the switch has been delayed (undoubtedly by other projects like Valguero, and now the upcoming Genesis Pt 1 + pt 2 DLCs, etc). People here are speculating that the Switch won't receive the promised DLCs, however there has been no official word from the devs to confirm these 'rumours'. So feel free to read what you want between the lines.
  9. Updates are coming! But it would be nice to have a bit of an update about the state of play of when they'll be released. They were originally planning for the free updates to be released earlier this year, but now it's looking more like we won't see any updates till later on in the year/early next year. #KeepTheFaith
  10. IKR there's something strangely appealing about playing ARK on the go, or even about tethering the Switch to your mobile phone's data and playing anywhere. It's awesome!
  11. We don't have Eggs Box Ones, we have Nintendo Switches!
  12. We're using BenZ's Discord and have a channel there, feel free to join us: https://discord.gg/brezFu4
  13. You're welcome to join our clan [Shadow Garden], we're playing on server EU PvE TheIsland88. We're just relocating from the South to our treehouses in the redwood.
  14. Ark switch servers appear to be down for maintenance
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