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  1. That's what i'm doing is renting one. Renting one for xbox that is. It's just them trying to access they cant open their inventory for some odd reason. I can tell them the bed thing to see if anyone can try it
  2. Can't access any inventory Hello all, I run my own server on xbox and out of nowhere the players couldn't access any of their inventory. They tried their personal, their tames, and their item inventory such as vaults. For some reason it's not working. We have tried restarting the server and it works for a little bit and then it messes up again. Are there any fixes that I can do?
  3. I am also having this issue and it is consistently on m. y private server. I have emailed Wildcard, emailed Nitrado, and have been to forums regarding this issue and I have not received an answer from anyone as to what is going on. I have deleted my GT to erase a possibly corrupted file, nada. I have done a restore backup, also nada. I am following this post so maybe this may receive an answer
  4. No. I am a co-owner for the server. I am the one that messes with the settings and hardcore mode is not active on any of the maps. I just want to know what is going on and if the issue is known to the devs of Wildcard. There hasn't been any notices from them regarding this issue and that has me very worried about my server.
  5. Create New Character Hello all, I play on xbox and I have been having an ongoing issue on my private server. My players and I are constantly forced to create a new character. I've done a restore backup, switching the hardware, emailing/ calling Nitrado, going to forums, and emailing Wildcard. None of those solutions have helped. Does anyone know if this issue will be fixed or if there is anything that I can do? I am about at my limit. This issue has lasted a month and I can't seem to fix it on my own. Essentially Im looking for any news regarding this issue.
  6. Xbox Servers I am looking for an xbox server on ark that isnt too overly populated. I have been playing the game on and off for a few years. I enjoy the game but I can never seem to find a server where people dont place pillars everywhere to prevent me from building. Is there a server on the Island or Ragnarok where it is not too crowded?
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