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  1. I agree. I liked that fact that the previous maps were immersive, felt like a real world. With genesis you have warping , invisible walls, a HNLA where you can now purchase items. All that makes it feel like a video game, which it is of course it is but im sure you know what I mean. I also do not like the map designs. The volcano seems to restrict you to paths rather than a open landscape. The winter biome is like a maze. If you want to go to point A to B, you have to know the map and the particular route rather than just heading in a general direction and finding your way. The bog biome seems well designed and looks good. But the others just seem to be cookie cutter maps that are different colors. Only 1 cave? I loved exploring caves. I also do not like the progression of increasingly fantasy creatures. A flying whale in space? Anyways, just my opinion. I know many people like the new changes. To each there own but im going back to the previous maps for now. Looking forward to crystal isles. Hope it is more of the previous stuff instead of incorporating Genesis features.
  2. did you ever figure this out? I have the same question. Can upload items and pets but no button to upload my character.
  3. sorry wrong forum and cant find way to delete
  4. how to transfer to another map? Im looking for information on how to transfer to other maps to learn engrams. I have looked through this site but have not found what im looking for. My situation is, on xbox, playing on a PVE server on Genesis. I would like to learn the engrams on scorched earth, aberration and extinction. How would I do that? What does it take? Im interested in PVP. Can I transfer my guy to a PVP map? Any help or guidance appreciated.
  5. New to ark, some questions Have played Xbox Ark for about a month now and loving it but have a few questions. - Inventory management. They give option to create folders but every time I die the folders disappear and I have to create all over again. Is there a way to save the folder system? Any other tips for inventory management for the xbox? - I see that there are official mods. Are those available for the xbox? thanks,
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