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  1. Default Nitrado game.ini settings Hi how do I get my game.ini string back to default something in my code isn’t working right so I wanted to start again. Thanks
  2. Crystal isles is a really demanding map the most demanding map yet. I really don’t see how it’s gonna run on a Xbox one s it’s really gonna need some optimising. On valguaro I ran all settings on epic 1440p and I get around 70 to 80 FPS but on crystal isles the same settings give me around 30 to 50 FPS
  3. Mines now updating the main game 72.53 GB, the Genesis part 1 update was 12 GB wow. I’m on pc
  4. Iv just got it to official pvp, I play solo iv only had my base c4d once and that was just the door because I forgot to leave it open. Always leave your door open when your not on and hide your loot. Iv got 2argies 2 pteranodons an anky iv just raised 2 Wyverns iv got a dire bear. I have 2 bases and they aren’t small 1 of them is quite tucked away the other is right out in the open. The number 1 survival skill is don’t start anything don’t make enemy’s and build your self up in secret. The water is a really good place the hide your sfuff. For me valguero is a grate map to start on you get a higher average Dino level on the free dlc maps
  5. Iv just had to knuckle down and learn mouse and keyboard. I’m getting there but when there’s a proper stressful situation my brain goes to mush and I’m pressing every key but to wons that do anything
  6. I’ve got an s and it really dosnt run ark very well imo. I’m in the process of building a pc at the moment for ark, I just need a gpu, memory and storage and I’m done. I can’t wait to load up ark for the first time on that I’m well excited extreme I no for ark but I do like the game
  7. Yesterday I lost 38 Rex’s in the tek cave again
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