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  1. Got it off amazon and they said that I couldn't get a refund so I'm stuck with the garbage
  2. we need to start a petition get them to either give us our money back or update excuse my language the damn game I fricking preordered the damn game and they pull this crap
  3. Maverick81PL if I knew they would do that I would have never bought it really pisses me off I would like a refund
  4. valguero for switch I can't find valguero on switch or it's not there and I really want to play it is it coming for switch. if not why did wild card even add ark to switch they don't update or add DLCS
  5. setting bug every time i exit my server setting and engram points reset
  6. I personally always use the swamp cave but i think that snow cave would be easiest to defend but all the stuff in there
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