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  1. The baby is not a queen however. It is a king.
  2. Argent. They are awesome at combat and travels.
  3. You could try single player. No disconnects, and you can cheat your stuff back if glitches kill you.
  4. You can totally do it. Single player bosses take 3 times damage and deal 1/3 damage. I tested it yesterday on gamma Megapithecus. With a Yutyrannus you can probably do alpha brood.
  5. The snow is a good spot. I have found 2/4 sheep there. Another on red mountain and the last in the northern end of the southern inlets.
  6. I would say to build a raft and move to herbivore island. That is a good spot to start.
  7. Strategy for Megapithecus Hi, I have recently gotten all of my rexes (and a yuty) raised and leveled. I am confident that they are strong enough stat wise, but I want to know what the best strategy is. There will only be 2 of us.
  8. It is possible. East colorado/west kansas is already kind of a wasteland.
  9. Dilo-protection and storage for spoiling items. Moschops-easy to tame and harvest berryies/fibre well. Parasaur-scan is awesome and so is the honk, good weight too. Raft-sail to herbivore island. Anklo-berries and metal, good fighters.
  10. If you read the allo dossier, you will see that the carno is supposed to be faster than the allosaurus. This would make it a much more useful travel mount. Megalodons are useless.
  11. You are a long long long long long long way from bosses. Keep leveling, make a main base, and tame some bigger tames. Good luck!
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