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  1. A dedicated tek storage holds 1,800 item. He said a storage full. That implies all 1,800 slots will contain a generator.
  2. Might I ask why you needed 1800 generators?
  3. And I am saying that ark should allow one backup save. That is the only way to know this won’t ever happen again.
  4. You will however loose any element you have on you when you ascend.
  5. Ya, pretty sad that all they would have to do is allow 2 saves per map and they wouldn’t even have to consider this an issue.
  6. I think they should totally allow at least 1 backup save slot. After all, what is 6gb when you are already at 130gb?
  7. We already have number 2. I would like a way to have multiple save slots per map. That way if this does happen again I could go to my backup from a week or 2 ago.
  8. Thanks @Zoglet. Fully I didn’t open my game so I got lucky. They aren’t the best company. After al, to quote the patch, it was just an issue. Not a game breaking glitch.
  9. Hi, I was one of the lucky people who heard about wildcards new “feature” before playing some ark (As someone who has played single player ark for 2and 1/2 years, I feel terrible for everyone who lost everything).my question now is, since I haven’t opened ark since the update, will my saves still be there? Also, is there anyone on Xbox single player who doesn’t seem to be affected by this?
  10. Are there any XBox players who haven’t lost everything in single player? I am afraid to log on.
  11. I only play single player too. I play split screen though so I am never alone. I find it relaxing and if the game glitches out you can cheat things back to normal. Just make sure all your rates are super bumped up.
  12. Hi, I am here to share my concerns about single player split screen. I don’t play on servers at all, but I play a couple hours of ark every week in split screen. I really hope wildcard still supports this in ark 2. Does anyone know if they plan on having it?
  13. A lot of youtubers use mods like s plus. They can place ceilings way out over the lava. If you play on pc, I would recommend allowing yourself to build over these.
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