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  1. Like now. I just transferred an my game just crashes twice back to back. This reminds me of a computer with horrible ram that can't run chrome
  2. Constant death due to load Just lost my last lighting wyern due to the game not loading. Froze while I'm being chase by ice wyverns. This makes 4 dragons dead this week because this game just won't load. I'm planning to get an SSD. To name other glitches eggs from valguero still disappear unless you die with them in your inventory. The game glitched an killed me in the lighthouse when a 15 min update happen.Couldn't retrieve my body with cryo wyvern that was under it's floor. I keep seeing people talk of mesh biting wondering if thats messing up the load. All I know it's gotten worse an I've never lost this many dragons before. Since Genesis it's been terrible
  3. If youre looking for a new group message me on xbox. @ FYT Juju Joob. On crossark pvp
  4. Extreme lag on all servers including empty Since Genesis dropped servers have become unplayable. You can barely go a inch on the map without out it lagging horribly. Worse part is that the Dino's around are still moving so thats instant death if your doing something risky. Like me losing now three pteras due to the game freezing while I'm getting milk. I've also have had a huge spike of people flying more into my turrets not purposely but on accident. It's due to the base just appearing out of nowhere, it happens to me as well. I sometimes have to wait outside till everything loads properly an even then it's still laggy. Now we couldn't keep the event candy from Valentine's day for what? It seems the whole excuse about keeping the game running properly was bogus
  5. People like you are the worse lol Quit making excuses for these sloppy PC game companies. I'm praying Microsoft an Sony cracks down on poop companies like WC.
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