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  1. People like you are the worse lol Quit making excuses for these sloppy PC game companies. I'm praying Microsoft an Sony cracks down on poop companies like WC.
  2. My suggestion is for a new cluster, not an open one where you get invaded by aliens from different servers Lol On my cluster rag has what Im speaking about as you can't build on obs an caves (though I have only tried jungle so not fully sure about cave on rag)
  3. Military strategy? Its a video game with dinos lol This is what I'm talking about You guys are taking this too seriously like if its your real life smh I don't see how making obs an caves no build zones will mess up somebodies pvp experience. Like I said only people with control issues take problem with this. Ill still break into your base an kill you but I'm not gonna block off caves an obs. There is no point to it but only to a person who has control issues
  4. The game should auto decay any structure too close . Maybe set some kind of auto defense system that attacks when a player tries to build by it or make the structures take 10x damage.
  5. Official PVP cluster with no build on obs or caves on all maps Look, I love pvp an killing people but I also like playing the game too.I don't got time to sit an attack end game alpha blocking obs or caves with tek equipment plus titans. I know droves of incel nerds are going to tell me PVE but its not the same basement dwelling buddy. I would like to be able to explore places like caves or the outside on aberration an still be able to kill you. Why is that so hard to ask for? Plus it would hugely even the playing field as alphas won't be much alphas anymore. I love the no build on rag obs so lets get a cluster that does that to all the maps plus no cave build. The only people who don't want this are incel losers who don't spend much time outside that have a control issues. I have a job and a girlfriend I like banging so miss me with the BS
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