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  1. Top things effecting servers there should be different types. you have 6 people small tribes, what about trio or duo servers? people configuring there ini is basically a cheat. isn't there a way to make this file secure with normal settings or something so people cant have an upper advantage on you? they arent playing the game the way its meant to be played. and tons of aim botters and cheaters back on ark. you can't hire a few people to actively monitor game cheats and try to patch them? my biggest problems right now.
  2. For those of you that are new, when using you have to have the console open when double clicking on something. I have the ~ key as my console trigger, so what I do is press ~ then go to commander and double click on something I want.
  3. My fault just seen community crunch so I posted it lol. I'll post on next crunch
  4. one thing I noticed today, I was using it for primitive plus, and now it won't let me switch back to the normal stuff for regular ark, it keeps saying invalid blueprint or whatever. can you guys look into this?
  5. Thank you for the feature! I have a really special project that i'm working on at the moment if anybody would like to be a part of! I need 4 males and 1 female. (all must have a mic) I do all my mixing as well, i've spent nearly a decade or more mixing vocals /instruments in pro tools / cool edit pro (before it became audition) / reaper so don't worry this will be a top notch product! I just need people with patience and the willingness to help. Message me on steam or send me a direct message on here, either or it doesn't matter. I'm not hard to work with! I also have a
  6. I ended up getting it to work, is it possible this will ever have the feature where before you click something you don't have to be in console on ark? Like you can literally just click it from the program itself?
  7. I can't get this to work at all, i've run in every window mode there was and ran as admin also. any help? do I just install and open? I clicked enable cheats, and still nothing.
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