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  1. i'm wondering if you can farm element in the tek caves, maybe theres a mosa with tek gear on? or maybe you can get bps for the tek gear there. kinda like you have to have the tek unlocked to even use the bps but you could get an ascendant tek gear rifle or something? who knows.
  2. I'm not on center and don't know where pearls are on there but I stick to SE because you could easily get 6-7k pearls in 30 mins or so. SE is the fastest way possible, and it's dumb to have pearls overflowing, always, always, always turn them into turrets.
  3. The big question is, why can't we have a sea otter for gathering pearls underwater? Let's be real here, I honestly don't know anybody that gathers pearls underwater anymore because of the danger. SE is faster and easier to gather pearls and alot more safe. We have a dino pretty much for everything but no pearls? How has this been overlooked? This is the biggest part of the game IMO. You can have all the dinos in the world, but not having enough pearls is what kills it for me. Because turrets are still really expensive it's something like 140 ingot to make and all that poly.
  4. It's still not fixed. This is our official server volcano cave...they're in a pocket inside the cave, I don't think it's even possible to hit them.
  5. We can't tame them at all... there is none on the server and this is where they are inside the pocket of the volcano cave... they're never going to spawn until they are killed or tamed. @WildcardJaeger @WildcardJen
  6. something got uploaded to steam it was a very small file but i think it was being uploaded to steam db right now, so it should be up any time now.
  7. calm down? I'm perfectly fine. You act like wildcard is the only developer team that does this. Ever play rust? They do the same thing as well. Like I said, rather have a polished patch than a garbage one.
  8. Then here's a simple solution for you, just don't play it anymore. They don't have to release stuff according to you, or anyone elses schedule. It's annoying to read "OMG THE ETA WAS CHANGED" who cares. go outside, go study, go do something productive. or shut up and play ark. Almost every patch is changed on ETA. It's nothing new. Quit crying about it.
  9. i'm wondering what wool is going to be used for. I didn't watch the full video I fell asleep about 3/4ths into it. I would really like to see wool jackets or something that keeps you warmer than fur armor. fur doesn't do squat in some of the snow unless you have good BPS.
  10. It's in alpha, you've known this when you bought it. Wildcard doesn't have to release things exactly on time just because some people are crying about it. I'd rather have a polished patch than something that is released half assed because someone that is "running a server" needs the patch asap.
  11. Damn, you guys are nuts with whining about the patch not coming out on time... it's a big patch, we're lucky enough to be getting this much content period with this game. They have alot of stuff to work out, hell, the allosaurus bug itself is worth it.
  12. well I rather have a giga than a tuso any day. giga's are great and need to stay in the game. they help control rock elementals, and are great for farming. so no, they don't need taken out, nor do they need to be adjusted anymore. they've already had health/melee nerfs. stamina is really bad. some of you may be seeing gigas spawn in often but i have went 3 days without seeing one. and i am on official pvp server. i look every single day, so does my tribe. nobody is taming one because we would have seen it or heard about it.
  13. I see them every time the server is reset or just randomly.. people say every 12 hours, but that isn't the case, i've literally stayed on for a whole day straight, killed one before I did and never seen one respawn back UNTIL the server reset. They need to set it to every 3-4 hours or something. Why is it fine for center players to have em alot more easier than island? I never understood that.
  14. For me it seems like the center map has way more gigas than island. when I played about 5-6 months of center I always seen a giga. The island use to have 2 at all times. I think with cross transfers being allowed the island should go back to having 2 gigas on the map. I only see one and they're always low levels. If you want to tame a giga, center is usually the place to go IMO. Anyone else feel like this too?
  15. My fault just seen community crunch so I posted it lol. I'll post on next crunch