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  1. Mutations

    so if i mate the same 2 dinos over and over do I have a chance of getting a mutation? i mean for example There's a giga named Lumps and a giga named Lillie, and I just keep mating those 2 over and over again will i get a mutation? nothing i read has said it will or won't.
  2. Boss Arena Exploits

    People are able to get the dragon stuck with rex's here's a video showing it
  3. Mutations

    So here is my question with the whole mutation thing. Say I have 2 gigas (1 male and 1 female) and I breed them and the egg doesn't come out with a mutation, can i keep making eggs from that giga and try to get a mutation? or do i have to branch out and try other dinos? I have yet to personally get a mutation myself. or do i have to mate those gigas, raise it, and when its done mate it with the original 2 and keep repeating that process?
  4. I keep getting a driver reset, updated my gfx driver, rolled back my driver, put a bunch of different launch options in including nomemorybias or whatever I seen on here, and it just keeps doing it, over and over. It lets me log into ark, soon as the base is loading and I move just a little bit it either freezes my computer up or just resets my driver and shuts ark completely down. Is there a fix coming for this or something?
  5. It's not eating properly it's just guzzling food. I don't think this is intended. Not sure though. A giga full of meat barely did anything for it.
  6. item spawner ARK Commander

    For those of you that are new, when using you have to have the console open when double clicking on something. I have the ~ key as my console trigger, so what I do is press ~ then go to commander and double click on something I want.
  7. I don't know what's causing it, i've never had this problem going underwater before. I've literally dipped all the way down to 6fps when riding a mosa. There's no underwater bases on our server either. And sometimes I randomly get a hard driver reset. One of the most recent patches destroyed my FPS underwater which were always fine until now. Not sure if anybody will see this but hopefully it gets looked into. I know there's gotta be something in that code that is creating it, I know when I swim by iceberg and a base is loading in something is creating the driver reset. But I was on both a mosa and ichty today and i got insanely horrible performance. And it looks like the fog has gotten worse underwater. To the point where you can't see anything around you. Which is going to turn people off from the water.
  8. I got it, it was something to do with one of the launch commands. I didn't have something in, so for whoever is having the same problem as me use these commands -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -nomansky -lowmemory -novsync
  9. you're not the only one. i play officials and i can't even play atm. as soon as world end is over and my character will get into the game but as soon as i try moving this happens. i've updated my driver, reinstalled it, reinstalled ark, validated it. nothing. this is the msg that happens everytime soon as i log in.
  10. Nerfing Time

    I can't even play the game right now, everytime I log in my driver crashes lol i've done everything to try to fix it, the patch yesterday was suppost to fix it but nope
  11. Nerfing Time

    basically "the games just too easy" in his words.. i'm saying a big huge no to this thread.
  12. bed Game Crash

  13. bed Game Crash

    I downloaded the patch cause I was getting a "your driver has been reset" on an amd r9 280x gfx card. i'm up to date on the 256.33 or whatever the newest one is but the official server isn't .33 not sure if that's why or not. even restarting steam and reopening the game is not fixing the problem. it keeps resetting my driver for some odd reason.
  14. I'm getting really random game crashes at certain times. It's not my gpu cause it's up to date (driver wise) and the fans work fine. Something to do with one the recent flyer patch it's been happening. It keeps resetting my driver and shutting the game down. Amd r9 280x is the GPU. there's no codes atm in the error but if I get one I will post it.
  15. This, I had my quetz at 210 I believe before patch just to speed up farming, I know realistically i'm never going to see that again but a sweet spot for the quetz would be 165% or so. The birds still need a decent buff to get around the map at a decent speed. I like how the pter is looking at the moment, but it needs a buff also some more on speed. I know WC doesn't want to make these insanely fast, and they don't have to be. The maps are just really big for there not to be any real speed on the birds. 165% quetz speed and 165% pter speed is totally different. Also the picking feature on the pter I feel should cost more stamina reduction. I did a pick with 1200 stam on my pter and still had ALOT of stam left. That's where the nerf is falling out of shape. After doing a little bit of tests, the barrel roll and picking did not take alot of stamina off my pter and I leveled that sucker up in stam. Argies need a major buff, they are insanely slow still. I think the best route here if you really want to hard cap birds at a certain speed is to set all your birds (argie, wyvern quetz and pter) right next to each other with the same speed, and fly them around the map. See how much of a distance the other one has from the other, if you feel it's too much reduce it some on the bird that has the most distance. My feeling is that wyverns should be the fastest on the map, and pter being second. Argie 3rd and quetz last. I just really want a sweet spot for flying a quetz. You can give all the stamina in the world to the quetz and I still won't fly it, it's too slow at it's current speed. and increasing at 1% intervals is not doing much, if anything at all. It's still just as bad. And before we get the "quetz are suppost to be transport birds" from other players, the whole fact is I understand that. But the map is far too large for the current speed.