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  1. Crashing / Water

    It doesn't happen all the time but my ark will glitch out then completely lock up, only started doing it when abberation was released. my screen will like flicker then lock up. Also; can something with hydration please be done? It's virtually impossible to stay hydrated unless you're on a mount. I am completely fine with the water draining so fast if the aquatic mushrooms gave alot more water. I eat like 10-20 of them and it doesn't even move my bar... Running till i'm out of stam (130 stam) and regen my stam bar always drains all my water. This is going to be one thing that is going to drive people off of abberation. Hopefully i'm not alone with this feeling.
  2. I tried sending in an email, got an automated response. Not sure what's the cause of the microstutters, seems like it might have something to do with the rendering? Also, loading in the server list when you've first opened the game up takes ages. Sometimes I microstutter for a solid 1-2 minutes where it will just lock the game up. This is on an AMD gpu, I notice alot of people in my tribe are having the same issue. I've defragged, verified game cache, reinstalled, tuned everything I could possibly do to no help. I keep hearing from people that ark is not optimized for AMD gpu's, so i'm just wondering if that's the case. All my drivers are updated as well. gpu, cpu, etc etc etc. Would really like to see Ark get optimized a little better for amd please
  3. Devs Please read.

    I don't know what's causing my ark to keep freezing but it keeps doing it over and over and over. And at random times too. I've tried playing with all launch options that i normally use, taking launch options out, upgrading my gfx card drivers, verifying game cache... nothing. Even the main menu is really slow and takes forever to load servers up. I don't know what's causing it, and it just happens completely at random times. Today, it's happened soon as I connect, transferring massive amounts of mats in material, riding birds. Etc. Have you guys been taking a look into this. It's seriously really bad right now.
  4. Freezing Happening randomly

    games just not responding period it locks up. no error message, nothing. i can try veryfying later
  5. Freezing Happening randomly

    total freeze, not even in inventory at all happened 5 minutes ago when i was flying logged in 3 times and when i got into game it insta freezed
  6. I'm not sure if it's something to do with the rendering or what, but my game randomly locks up at times and just doesn't do anything. I get no error code so I don't know what I can use to submit, but something is causing really bad locking up, it's never happened to me before.
  7. Mutations

    so if i mate the same 2 dinos over and over do I have a chance of getting a mutation? i mean for example There's a giga named Lumps and a giga named Lillie, and I just keep mating those 2 over and over again will i get a mutation? nothing i read has said it will or won't.
  8. Boss Arena Exploits

    People are able to get the dragon stuck with rex's here's a video showing it
  9. Mutations

    So here is my question with the whole mutation thing. Say I have 2 gigas (1 male and 1 female) and I breed them and the egg doesn't come out with a mutation, can i keep making eggs from that giga and try to get a mutation? or do i have to branch out and try other dinos? I have yet to personally get a mutation myself. or do i have to mate those gigas, raise it, and when its done mate it with the original 2 and keep repeating that process?
  10. I keep getting a driver reset, updated my gfx driver, rolled back my driver, put a bunch of different launch options in including nomemorybias or whatever I seen on here, and it just keeps doing it, over and over. It lets me log into ark, soon as the base is loading and I move just a little bit it either freezes my computer up or just resets my driver and shuts ark completely down. Is there a fix coming for this or something?
  11. It's not eating properly it's just guzzling food. I don't think this is intended. Not sure though. A giga full of meat barely did anything for it.
  12. tool Commander

    For those of you that are new, when using you have to have the console open when double clicking on something. I have the ~ key as my console trigger, so what I do is press ~ then go to commander and double click on something I want.
  13. bed Game Crash

    I downloaded the patch cause I was getting a "your driver has been reset" on an amd r9 280x gfx card. i'm up to date on the 256.33 or whatever the newest one is but the official server isn't .33 not sure if that's why or not. even restarting steam and reopening the game is not fixing the problem. it keeps resetting my driver for some odd reason.
  14. Ark Island loot tables

    i've been going in that cave for 4 months now, have never seen anything but a blue drop that was crap in there.