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  1. My fault just seen community crunch so I posted it lol. I'll post on next crunch
  2. I only reported what I heard about drops not being able to transfer out of. Heard it from a tribe mate that got it from someone, not sure who. I could actually see them doing this, because it completely takes away from the game I like the fact of transfering in and out of obs, you can literally keep track with alarms set there.
  3. I hear that official servers are getting a patch for only being able to transfer stuff out at obelisk? and regular drops will just be drops? is this correct?
  4. A creature to gather pearls would be nice as well, I think we pretty much have a dino for everything except pearls. pearls are still gathered by hand.
  5. So I was thinking today, I still feel like the argies are really out of balance when it comes to health, they are extremely weak when taking hits. I think a 145-150 argie should max out at 5-6k health atleast. And a little bit more stam also, maybe max 2100 or so? Before all the dinos were nerfed along time ago I agreed on that, but the argies are alot of work when it comes to a kibble farm. Stegos take a while to tame and cost a decent bit of eggs. It just doesn't seem like the argies stats are that great for any of em that I ever tame. Would be awesome if WC could look at this and mess with the stats some.
  6. Yea I been complaining about the titanboa's not being able to be picked up for 2 days now trying to get titanboa eggs and can't pick em up, wanted to start mass breeding apes lol
  7. must be something really minor.. just a fyi for people it's not a titanboa patch, I know alot of people have been looking for it to be fixed (me as well) and it wasn't fixed. I ran the single player after it downloaded the update on steam and ran the newest version.. so they either patched titanboa's where you can't pick em up anymore or there's a major glitch with it.. either way WC won't respond.
  8. I'm hopign this patch is to fix the titanboa's so we can finally pick them up again.. i highly doubt it is tho.
  9. Having same issue on official servers.. @WildcardJen is it possible you can take a look into this?? I am trying to collect titanboa eggs dropping the snakes in a pen to collect eggs but can't pick em up.. I was really hoping for snakes to be tamable for xmas but nothing !
  10. can anyone from Wildcard respond if they see this? or tag a wc member so they can see this? you really can't pick them up right now.
  11. Was fine last night, can't pick em up with argy or quetz. not sure if this is meant to happen or what... really put a damper on my giga tame tonight
  12. Is it possible to make these finally tamable? These are some of the hardest eggs to get. Such a pain when you need it for imprinting or to tame a dunk/ape. So many of us would be so happy to get either more eggs dropped from them or them tamable, whichever.
  13. I never even knew there were new servers up until finding a group to join on steam community forums and she said the server was up for 4 days.. there was no announcement nothing. Can you guys at wildcard Post it on the main screen of ark a few days in advance so we know when new servers are coming??? Look at how packed the cluster servers are right now. More people will come back!!!
  14. I'm getting the exact same code I got killed in the cave by centipede and can't get back in now lol it's trying to load something then crashes everytime you should really change the title so a dev can see this and fix it not just "come on devs" tho