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  1. Primal Pass Loot Drop Not Showing Up Hello, I have seriously been wondering why the loot drop hasn´t come out yet, I ask everyone and they say they ain´t got it. I really want it and I´m not sure why it´s taking so long to release it. Thanks
  2. Believe it or not, you can just place pillars, then place ceilings on the pillars, boom you have a floor, it´s rather simple is it not? You can also place dino gates and make it almost however you want, just may take extra effort to grind out, but can be surrounded by lots of dino gates and turret towers, to protect the pillars.
  3. I play on a hard server, I haven´t had many bps worth talking about yet, a 648 damage compound bow, a 150 assault rifle, but a 150 damage asc pick.
  4. Ok, first of all, this game is free, which means, they need to make it Pay to win to keep it running. That´s just how it is. If it was 50$ like PC then it wouldn´t be pay to win. You can just compensate for the amber with skill, and the game is rather easy to learn the mechanics and what not. Tutorial not even necessary.
  5. Yeah caves are the new way to level up, Pc is indi grinder. All caves 12x then trophy room.
  6. Ah, thereś one way, walk the mammoth all the way back to your house, then fast travel to ur raft and bring it home.
  7. Industrial Grinder isn´t even available in Pvp Multiplayer, also, the snow cave was heavily nerfed, and so was the swamp cave. For example, the swamp cave used to give 100,000 xp, not including xp boosts. The snow cave used to give a bit more than that, and with all the boosts on, it gave 2.5 million, on a boosted weekend. Now, snow cave gives 25k with no boosts, and swamp gives 10k. Doing them without 12x is basically a waste of your time, and also you can use a outpost to buy scuba gear and use arthro yeah yeah. The current way to get to 81 and do the trophy room is south, lava, snort potent dust, farm, skylord cave, argy, arthro, swamp cave, snow cave. The skylord cave gives 8500 xp, and it will certainly get you to the high levels with 12x xp.
  8. Ah, you must be level 40 or higher to enter a dungeon, and you should see an access key at the obelisk when u open it.
  9. Being able to do the dungeons depends on the skill levels of the players and the stats too. For example, a person with badly distributed stats would struggle in the dungeon, but a person with a 400% melee stat would demolish the titanaboas with an asc pike, and having speed is important too, at least 180, and 250 stamina. A decent pike, pump, and compound bow, and journeyman flak, a few med brews, and 1 stack or 2 of cooked meat is all I need for the dungeons.
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