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  1. Primal Pass Loot Drop Not Showing Up Hello, I have seriously been wondering why the loot drop hasn´t come out yet, I ask everyone and they say they ain´t got it. I really want it and I´m not sure why it´s taking so long to release it. Thanks
  2. Believe it or not, you can just place pillars, then place ceilings on the pillars, boom you have a floor, it´s rather simple is it not? You can also place dino gates and make it almost however you want, just may take extra effort to grind out, but can be surrounded by lots of dino gates and turret towers, to protect the pillars.
  3. I play on a hard server, I haven´t had many bps worth talking about yet, a 648 damage compound bow, a 150 assault rifle, but a 150 damage asc pick.
  4. Ok, first of all, this game is free, which means, they need to make it Pay to win to keep it running. That´s just how it is. If it was 50$ like PC then it wouldn´t be pay to win. You can just compensate for the amber with skill, and the game is rather easy to learn the mechanics and what not. Tutorial not even necessary.
  5. Yeah caves are the new way to level up, Pc is indi grinder. All caves 12x then trophy room.
  6. Ah, thereś one way, walk the mammoth all the way back to your house, then fast travel to ur raft and bring it home.
  7. Industrial Grinder isn´t even available in Pvp Multiplayer, also, the snow cave was heavily nerfed, and so was the swamp cave. For example, the swamp cave used to give 100,000 xp, not including xp boosts. The snow cave used to give a bit more than that, and with all the boosts on, it gave 2.5 million, on a boosted weekend. Now, snow cave gives 25k with no boosts, and swamp gives 10k. Doing them without 12x is basically a waste of your time, and also you can use a outpost to buy scuba gear and use arthro yeah yeah. The current way to get to 81 and do the trophy room is south, lava, snort potent dust, farm, skylord cave, argy, arthro, swamp cave, snow cave. The skylord cave gives 8500 xp, and it will certainly get you to the high levels with 12x xp.
  8. You should go and see if it's there first.
  9. As for the Daedon Dossier, it should be at 88, 53, and I think I've found it before.
  10. Wait so I can't get a vanilla Daedon or troodon? It has to be glowing and flashing and blinding.
  11. Yeah I youtubed it, it looks really cool, gonna take me a month to get it probably.
  12. Dark Destructive Force 1/1000 Hey, I was wondering if anyone has seen the dark destructive boss which has a 1/1000 chance of spawning in the dungeons.
  13. How to get to Level 97+( For Noobs) Hey, a lot of people don't know about Caves and Pursuits so I'm just gonna say how to get to level 97, because it's not fair that alpha tribes keep it a secret and people never find out about it, so here it is, First thing you want to do is grab explorer notes, start with basic pursuits and move on the knowledge of forebears, tame a pt if you've got time but if not just run over to the note and respawn, and write down the cords, or you can pull up a list of note locations on a pc, and just grab them all. There are 104 dossiers, and u get a level every 1 or 2 notes, so keep collecting, and crafting your stone foundations., and watch ads for 2x xp and watch amber ads every 15 minutes. After about 2 hours or 3 if your slow, you should be in your 50s, now you want to make a raft,grab a bunch of chitin from the south cave, and go to the snow and setup a base there, then craft an arthropleura saddle and make sure you get a balm from south cave to speed things up, then get some pelt and grow crops, wait until they are grown, takes a couple hours, then you make your bug repellant, and u can go to the south cave or middle cave but south cave is easier, and u tame your arthro, make sure your collecting notes while the crops are growing and you've tamed an argentavis to carry it around, grind some obsidian and setup a trophy room with 6 trophy bases and one trophy wall mount, and you've been watching amber ads this whole time, now, you want to buy the intense focus, and watch an ad and go to skylord cave, and run it, there are videos on youtube for the route, same with the south cave, and it should get you in your high 70s, and place them in the trophy room on display,since you've already been high enough for the argy saddle, now before your boosts run out, carry your arthro to the strong cave, and u can watch a vid for that on youtube, but anyway, do not dismount the arthro, or you'll die, but trust me, just ride an arthro into strong, swamp, south, and middle and you won't die. Now that you've run strong with 12x xp, multiply 12 by 25000, and that gets you 300000, and add that to 170,000, which is around how much you probably had, and now your level 80 or 81, and your intense focus probably hasn't run out if you've done it properly, so now take your arthro and fly over to swamp cave, and with the amount of time this ark session has taken, you probably have thick skin, which is only 15 amber, buy it, and run the swamp cave with that, and now your level 85, and now it doesnt matter if your focus runs out, keep watching ads and running the rest of the caves, which are very easy, Lava Cave, Middle Cave, and each time you complete a cave put it in your trophy room, and after you've got em all, you look for an alpha rex, there are a few in the snow and often above hidden lake in the snow area, and also on carno island occasionally, and you can make a metal trap to snipe it with, let's assume you built your trophy room at blue ob, or if you don't want to kill an alpha rex u can buy a head from someone, now you take that head and place it on the wall mount, and then you can buy a broth of enlightenment from someone, or fly down to the south beach and kill tusos, I find tusos there often, and you only need 5 black pearls, but anyway, you make your broth of enlightenment, and then you do this in the exact order before activating your trophy room quest, eat broth of enlightenment, watch ad for 2x xp, buy a focus, and now go around and find a note quickly and get back, activate trophy room quest, you should have 18x xp, then just access inventory of all trophies in your room, then it gives you 250k xp times 18, which is 4.5 million, and since your level 85, it will make you 97. There it's out there, everyone do this.
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