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  1. It’s ok they win , I’ve been playing this game since it came out , after spending all that amber and time on tames if they just going to keep doing stuff like this what’s the point “I Quit”
  2. Chinese hackers in server We have a Chinese tribe join our server Nerva PVP NA , They are using Dino that are too high of a level for the server, They say they won’t be caught by the time you get round to banning them , they have bronto lvl 500+ with over 300k health they are wiping tribes out taking loot then going to another server. I have one screen shot of some of their Dino in tribe log which I have tried to upload but it says the file can only be 399.36kb I’m guessing because I have iPhone X files too big is there another way I can send screenshots of this to you ? I will try to get more of brontos etc but if you could take a look that would be great. Thanks
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