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  1. After more than 9 hr of installation and a 76 gig download I finally got the base game to run and I could connect to an island server. a total of 91 gigs for a base game on a console is insane. A 76 gig download for a update is also insane. This would have killed my internet usage if a temporary lift and data caps was not in effect. I think this is the definition of bloat ware. i still have to try to install the original dlc and see what happens.
  2. Finally get the game reinstalled and updated. now when I try to connect to a server or even so single player the game just shuts down. Some type of notice would be nice on these huge update. We all know WC does not replace lost items or if they do replace the items/dinos it is with sub standard ones.
  3. Ark Monolithic update and Game Will Not start I have been trying to get into ark all day today and there was apparently a 3+ hr update. After the update applied Ark would not start. I went to the forum to see if there was an announcement and the forums were down for several hours. I got a message saying something about the forum being updated. Now that the forum is back up no announcement or anything about what is happening. What gives? Some communication would be nice I am on a reinstall and reapply of the updates hopping it works. I have 6+ giga with unique event colors
  4. Bee Issue Sunday my bee hives were low health and when I went to feed them they went poof. The queen did not show up when the hive was destroyed. I spent 2 hr trying to tame wild bees and all of the wild hives did the same. Once the hive was destroyed no queen spawned (even when the drones attacked).
  5. False positives are still here in a big way. Yesterday I got messages about anti meshing with no way this should be happening to me. Today I verified on Single player that these cords were not in the mesh. It looks like the pillar/ladder were where a rock WAS or just on the edge of the rock. This was on na-pve-XboxOffficial-Theisland
  6. I have had the same issue on official servers theisland953 abberation951 and extinction1063 for me this started us Saturday afternoon and it took me 4+ hr to get on then Sunday afternoon so far the same thing so much for 2x weekend and boss run
  7. This sounds like what console users experienced during the thanksgiving event. It took WC 2 weeks or more to get it stable enough for a large portion of the community to log in. Best thing to do is keep trying to get in and once you can get in pod your dinos and take a week off. Also be prepared for missing structures (i had a lot of structures auto decay and know people who had entire bases auto decay) This post worked for many console players (at least enough to connect and pod dinos)
  8. 12/4/2019 update and lost dinos Still WC say they fixed connection issues. However after multiple unscheduled updates in a row on the evening of 12/4 I still have connection issues. Also during this round of updated i had unpodded about 9 adult event dinos at 1pm local time then at about 7:30 pm local I logged in to check on them and 2 of the adult owl starved with a 3rd close to starving. Never in my history of playing ark have I had an adult starve in 6.5 hours. I have left owls out for days without food and they do not starve. The only think i can think of is that the update did so
  9. Sapphire there are so many angry people because on official servers we are at the mercy of wild card and they do things like apply several "short" unplanned updates at a time during the time when servers are heavily used. These update end up causing all sorts of problems. They also do things like you work hard to tame event dino and you unpoded them at 1pm local time and you log back in at 7:30 pm local time to check on them and then 2 out of 6 adults starve when they were only out for a few hours and WC applied 2~4 "short" patches.
  10. We can complain but nothing happens. I have been trying to create support tickets to try and get lost dinos replaced and all of my tickets were automatically "solved" So i just tried a different way to get my ticket reviewed by creating a new ticket then replying to the email and i got this response " ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Hello Survivor! Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support. Unfortunately, support@survivetheark.com email has been deactivated. Please visit https://support.survivetheark.com to submit a support ticket.
  11. really extending the event for 4 days (12/3, 4, 5, 6th ) that are typically work days as a replacement for 5 days (11/27, 28, 29, 30th and 12/1) that are vacation days. Not to mention dinos, land and structures that were lost. Also when I tried to get on late today after the update I was still getting a disconnect issue and booted (it was better but not stable in my opinion). I was also getting the disconnect issue some of the time on a map that was previously ok.
  12. Since these issue i have been taking a break from Ark and doing real life stuff, but to give an update on a couple of pointers in this thread that i did see. Before the last night update on 12/1 this "solution" did appear to be temporary. Meaning that i could use the new character workaround and could play for a few hours but when i tried to login the next day (or when i switched maps) the connection lost issues were back. However the one map that always worked keep working as normal. I also noticed that I had a tribe mate "sleep" in our noob hotel (5x5 structure) and he had a lot
  13. At least I have helped a few ppl and it might be more than one issue. asfar as reporting lost Dino I tried using https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us?mobile_site=true but every ticket I create is automatically solved. One reason I am not holding my breath for replacements
  14. I have not seen any update from WC but my tribe mate and I think we have found a solution. Please read the thread: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/486903-solution-to-1127-update-problems/ If this help please link the thread to any other related threads.
  15. For me and a tribe mate I think we have found a solution to this issue. I have started a thread related to this issue and the solution. Please read the thread: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/486903-solution-to-1127-update-problems/ Feel free to link this to any other threads that are related
  16. For me and a tribe mate I think we have found a solution to this issue. I have started a thread related to this issue and the solution. Please read the thread: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/486903-solution-to-1127-update-problems/ Feel free to link this to any other threads that are related.
  17. Solution to 11/27 update problems On 11/27 after a second update the community has been receiving several issues. There are several threads/posts related to these issues. In summary these issues are: 1) When connecting to a server Ark and within a few seconds Ark kicks the character 2) When connecting to a server Ark renders the character and partially renders a base and the environment. Also, with in this case Dinos typically do not have saddles and the character cannot interact with environment (example cannot open doors). 3) When connecting to a server th
  18. so today and yesterday i got arked hard. Since the 2 updates on 11/27 within a about 1 hr of each other. Everytime i try to connect with my character on one specific server I get a host disconnected message. Tribe mate has same issue but others I am friends with an get on and still other say they have a similar issue. Right in the middle of a holiday event, makes you feel loved (not).
  19. Any midlevel player should be able to get them. This would help with the need for huge bases and over population. Being made in fabracator is a good compromise
  20. This would be helpful for early breeders to know what trough the juvies are eating from and make sure they have food
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