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  1. More water veins on Valguero! Places like Forgotten City etc that have no water closeby should have at least water veins! Otherwise these areas are just pretty useless...
  2. Puzzle Cave bug? After the last update it seems like the Puzzle Cave is bugged on Ragnarok. In the first room where the fire traps are, we keep dying while climbing on the walls. There's no fire, no bats, nothing. Just a message "You died" and that's all. And it's odd because just last week I went in there alone and did the whole Cave alone with climbing picks. And now all of the sudden it isn't working. Has anyone else noticed this? Cheers!
  3. Thanks for all the help guys. I didn't know about the reactivating. That must be it. Too bad though, I was hoping I could set our low level event wyverns on agressive&wandering. Awh well.. maybe someday
  4. Dinos on aggressive inside the dino leash circle Heya! Can dinos run out of the red dino leash circle when they're agroing a wild dino? I set 3 wyverns on aggressive&wandering inside the dino leash circle and somehow they got out of it. Ideas? Cheers!
  5. Velos don't shoot at water creatures!? Hiya! Living on an island that has loads of sharkies around we thought it'd be a great idea to use the Velonasaurs as turrets to keep the devils away, BUT. The thing is they won't shoot at sharks or any other creatures in the water. Is that a bug or it's literally made to work like that? In which case I can't understand the logic behind it. Cheers!
  6. We're on EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok210
  7. Constant joining issues Heya! Is anyone else constantly experiencing joining issues and not being able to connect to a server? And if so then is there anything to fix that? For me it shows the server on the list at first, then when I click join it keeps telling me "Unable to connect" or "Lost connection to host" until it eventually throws me to the main menu and after that I have none or very few servers on the list. Router and steam restarts don't seem to help. Ideas?
  8. More detailed Feeding Trough settings I personally would love if feeding troughs had more detailed settings. It'd be super useful if you could choose which dinos can eat from them and which can't. Even just "carnivores" and "herbivores" options would help a lot. Also a setting for just babies would be nice, often my babies die because other dinos eat their food from the troughs and since we don't have too much space in the base I can't move them further away either.
  9. Direct would've been an explaining reply to my clearly all-wrong post. Instead I had to ask that from you. And thank you for explaining into it, I'm now much smarter and I'm sure everyone else is aswell. Could we now stop this nonsense and carry on with being proper adults and not teenagers at each others throats? Thank you
  10. I'd really like some new skins aswell. Also boosted hatching and breeding would be sweet. Personally I don't like that events now have colourful wild dinos, because that just makes the colour mutations worthless, but that's just my opinion on it.
  11. I often have the same issue. Normally restarting steam helps. Are you the only one trying to join the server on your internet? Me and my fiancé noticed that when we try joining at the same time then it sometimes messes up our internet so we have to restart the connection. We haven't had that issue for a while now, but maybe will help you. Oh! And if you have friends on the same server, then try clicking on "Join Game" on steam. That has also worked for me when I can't find the server. Good luck!
  12. Sometimes my dinos just go invisible, as example thylas when I leave them holding onto a wall. I leave the base and when I come back again - poof! Nothing. And on that wall I can't place anything, says it's obstructed. So far I haven't found a solution to it. Sometimes they reappear so I can park them on the ground again, but sadly ark is glitchy and buggy like this..
  13. Waiting for feedback from @Squirribbles to see if it worked or not!
  14. Same, getting meat for babies can be a struggle like that
  15. Nice to meet ya and happy surviving!
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