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  1. Single Player, The Island, Saturday April 25, Started fresh on the island and immediately got to work in leveling up so i could get raft to go to herbivore island, tamed a dodo and parasaur, and then was taming a 2nd parasaur when i got attacked by a few dilos my 1st parasaur scared em, then my second one and I fought em off. I died and so did my para but i killed em in the end. Then got set to work on a houseboat, with the basic supplies, smithy forge, storage etc. Then I loaded up my dinos and set sail, got half way when i got attacked by a leed, had to hit the shore for repairs,when i got here i noticed the leed had knocked my para off, what i did not realize is that it was carrying everything. Sunday April 26, Counted my losses and set sail and made it to herbivore island with no bumps, Explored and scouted out the island and set to clearing a base spot, once I had a spot I made a little stone base and set to work on getting it furnished . Then I set out to get a couple of tames. By the end of the day I had flak, metal shield, a 219 ptera, and a 209, stego, and was level 79.
  2. 150 perfect tame alllo that was almost maxed is now dead
  3. Underestimated the cold... and learned why its called murder snow
  4. got to lvl 66, tamed a 150 allo, two arthros 130 and 150, oviraptor 135, and a 130 dung beetle. gathered eggs, crops, painted diplo, killed a pack of intruding allos, and a couple of brontos. crafted a bunch of stuff, mostley ammo, and that about wraps it up
  5. Ill have to make it pretty big for the giga
  6. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will definitely use them. I did check out some of the videos and they were great.
  7. Good PVE Base Designs Does anyone have any good pve base designs? I would like a open base design so i can enjoy the enviorment but i would also like plenty of dino storage. If anyone has any ideas that would be great.
  8. my fire wyvren just dissapered the other day
  9. i would but imma gonna save my money for genisis
  10. i guess ill just have to pay somone a ton of stuff to get one
  11. Reaper spawns on valgeuro Does anyone know if reapers spawn on val ive been unable to find a answer.
  12. killed thirteen raptors my first 30 min on val
  13. Almost as bad as the time i got killed by my own dragon 16 times in one day before relizing they can hurt you with the breath then further destoyed all of kapros from by breeding project that was almost done
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