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  1. Ill have to make it pretty big for the giga
  2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will definitely use them. I did check out some of the videos and they were great.
  3. Good PVE Base Designs Does anyone have any good pve base designs? I would like a open base design so i can enjoy the enviorment but i would also like plenty of dino storage. If anyone has any ideas that would be great.
  4. my fire wyvren just dissapered the other day
  5. i would but imma gonna save my money for genisis
  6. i guess ill just have to pay somone a ton of stuff to get one
  7. Reaper spawns on valgeuro Does anyone know if reapers spawn on val ive been unable to find a answer.
  8. killed thirteen raptors my first 30 min on val
  9. Almost as bad as the time i got killed by my own dragon 16 times in one day before relizing they can hurt you with the breath then further destoyed all of kapros from by breeding project that was almost done
  10. kodking194 it says you cant recive messages so i will tell you here The [EU]DinoHunters20xboostedcluster is a great xbox cluster they have all the maps and have great admins. There is the occasional grefer like my tribe experienced but they got banned. Its not to crowded either. plus level 300 dinos and a community center. It is PVE
  11. [EU]DinoHunters20xboostedcluster The island got set up after a long brake the tribe who trolled me got banned. i tamed a few pegos and a compy went up to the cc and got set up with some tools and armor and got given a trike egg. then headed of with my trike, pig, pachy , dilos, and pegos, plus compy on my shoulder. get to green ob set up base not to far from there, see a stego with awsome colors. ( red and black body, red plates with white outline) kill a alpha raptor and kill a theri get a 1x1 wood shack and head off to the north just to get jumped by another alpha raptor that i thought was a normal one.
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