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  1. I have finally deleted Ark. I just got timer wiped for the 13th time and i really put a lot of time into that character. Ark just felt like a chore and i figured its not worth the pressure. I will get back to it one day, when i'm out of school, have money for a private server, and have friends to play with. It has given me much joy and frustration and will always have a place in my heart. The community has been fantastic and I wish all of you the best in your Ark journey. Farewell survivors, Fulton, The Dunderhead
  2. Successfully got back on, hopped on another shadow mane, and came upon my original shadow mane next to my body with the alpha leed circling them. I warp striked the leed hopped on Pink Panther (the original shadow mane) and one shotted it, because I forgot they are only level one. I solved the xbox over heating by putting an ice pack on it. I know it sounds stupid, but I kid you not, Ark started running smoother and the xbox stopped screaming.
  3. Just attacked an alpha leed, as i hit it my xbox just turned off
  4. Single Player, The Island, Saturday April 25, Started fresh on the island and immediately got to work in leveling up so i could get raft to go to herbivore island, tamed a dodo and parasaur, and then was taming a 2nd parasaur when i got attacked by a few dilos my 1st parasaur scared em, then my second one and I fought em off. I died and so did my para but i killed em in the end. Then got set to work on a houseboat, with the basic supplies, smithy forge, storage etc. Then I loaded up my dinos and set sail, got half way when i got attacked by a leed, had to hit the shore for repairs,when i got here i noticed the leed had knocked my para off, what i did not realize is that it was carrying everything. Sunday April 26, Counted my losses and set sail and made it to herbivore island with no bumps, Explored and scouted out the island and set to clearing a base spot, once I had a spot I made a little stone base and set to work on getting it furnished . Then I set out to get a couple of tames. By the end of the day I had flak, metal shield, a 219 ptera, and a 209, stego, and was level 79.
  5. 150 perfect tame alllo that was almost maxed is now dead
  6. Underestimated the cold... and learned why its called murder snow
  7. got to lvl 66, tamed a 150 allo, two arthros 130 and 150, oviraptor 135, and a 130 dung beetle. gathered eggs, crops, painted diplo, killed a pack of intruding allos, and a couple of brontos. crafted a bunch of stuff, mostley ammo, and that about wraps it up
  8. killed thirteen raptors my first 30 min on val
  9. kodking194 it says you cant recive messages so i will tell you here The [EU]DinoHunters20xboostedcluster is a great xbox cluster they have all the maps and have great admins. There is the occasional grefer like my tribe experienced but they got banned. Its not to crowded either. plus level 300 dinos and a community center. It is PVE
  10. [EU]DinoHunters20xboostedcluster The island got set up after a long brake the tribe who trolled me got banned. i tamed a few pegos and a compy went up to the cc and got set up with some tools and armor and got given a trike egg. then headed of with my trike, pig, pachy , dilos, and pegos, plus compy on my shoulder. get to green ob set up base not to far from there, see a stego with awsome colors. ( red and black body, red plates with white outline) kill a alpha raptor and kill a theri get a 1x1 wood shack and head off to the north just to get jumped by another alpha raptor that i thought was a normal one.
  11. spawned on val got set up then by the the end of the day had killed 13 raptors
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