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  1. Nintendo Switch Events I've played on the Nintendo Switch version for over a year now; while messing around with commands in singleplayer I've noticed that you can actually spawn some DLCs creatures and tame them. So far I've only tried the Griffin and it works perfectly (I know that you can spawn Rockdrakes and Phoenix too but I haven't tried it yet so Idk how good they are). Here on Nintendo Switch we have never got any stuff from the events (Halloween, Christmas, Easter...) besides the high rates so why don't make these DLCs creatures spawn on official for a short period of time (or just spawn them manually) during these events?
  2. Is Fear Evolved Event coming on Switch? I've played Ark on the Switch Version for 5 months now so this is the first time that I see this event and I think it's really cool. I know that WildCard isn't interested in this platform anymore but when they announced the event they said that it is coming on all platform without specify which. Has anyone more infos?
  3. Dedicated server Is there a way to host a dedicated server on Switch version? I've played for like 3/4 months on an official server with two friends of mine and we decided that it was the time to start breeding some Baryo, but the hatching and the growing time are too long and we already know that we can't make it, so a dedicated server would be fantastic. (I know that the switch version sucks and there are other dinos that recquire days for growing and all)
  4. (Sorry for bad English) My first tame? A red Parasaur named Robert (yeah I'm a big fan of Robert Downey Junior). I remember that I used him for literally anything. Someday me and my friend were exploring the south zone of the map (me with Robert and him with a Pteranodon, our first Pteranodon) when an Alpha Raptor attacked us. At the time I didn't know what Alphas were, so i thought it was only a big raptor with a strange skin. I jumped off Robert, the Raptor ran towards us hitting me, Robert was set on aggressive, so it attacked the Raptor distracting it. Me and my friend fled but Robert didn't survive. Robert sacrificed himself for me, my friend and the Pteranodon, I will always remember you big boy, Thanos Raptor is dead now, you can rest. (Oh it's now a "tradition" for me name my Parasaurs like Iron Man/Robert Downey Junior/Pepper Potts/his successor)
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