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  1. You two should stop. Its a sci-fi game, with dinosaurs. End of story. And as I've said before: IT'S NOT THAT IMPORTANT!
  2. in the patch notes you can see that they are fixing things, so if it is a seemingly simple bug that they haven't fixed yet, its probably cause its not so simple of a fix
  3. Could be an upgraded version of a scout from extinction, where it has guns. Or it could be a personal defense unit that would follow you around and protect you.
  4. where's your proof that its another skin like HLN-A? also please post your overly negative opinions somewhere else, your being a bit of a downer to all these other people who came here to be exited and theorize.
  5. Can we stop this vast argument on PC prices, "game breaking" glitches, too much creature breeding, firearms, console transfers, etc... Its going knowhere and its probably bumming all the people out who came here to talk about the new creature
  6. Congratulations for being one of the few people who isn't ranting about bugs!
  7. someone told me: "remember how broken extinction was?" But then I said that "it didn't seem broken to me. " What are you trying to tell me?
  8. I'm not saying it is VERY well optimized(could be better), I'm just saying that it works fine for me. Probably cause I play singleplayer
  9. Are you having a laugh? My build was roundabout $600 and I can run ark just fine. It seems fine to me. Try singleplayer They probably are trying to "fix ark," but at the same time, they do need to release some content once in a while too. Cause bug fixes aren't going to bring back old players, or even keep people like me who don't really care about the bugs playing, but a huge new DLC every once a year or so will
  10. I do remember extinction, I didn't notice anything that different or bad happen(probably cause I play singleplayer). As for it being only fun when it first releases, that's your opinion, not mine. And since when is new content bad for a game?
  11. 1: Would you rather them say: "Rule breaking has increased and we are not going to do anything about it."? 2: Nothings wrong with the UI. As for the other stuff, that would be nice(save for the hard drive, that's your problem), but don't you think they've heard that enough? If "fixing there game" was able to be done with the snap of there fingers, they would do it. But unfortunately, its just not that simple. 3: If your lagging, you need a better PC. Also, I care, along with a lot of other people. 4: So I assume that you personally have played all 100,000 games, and have found out that 99,999 of them have PERFECT language translation, without a single misspelled word? with that being said, THIS TEASER LOOKS SOOO COOL THANK YOU WILDCARD FOR BEING AWESOME!(not a joke)
  12. why not play on a private or unofficial server?
  13. I was mainly talking about the people who thought that the first season pass said: all future dlc
  14. wow, there's not nearly as many haters I thought there would be
  15. Genesis season pass is not a rip off Change my mind
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