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  1. Stop Pressuring Wildcard As the title says. There probably reading all you guys angry comments about the DLC being delayed, and seeing that, there probably rushing to release it, which might make it not quite as good as it could have been. So at least until the DLC releases, could all you ark players just tone it down? It has already been pushed back a bit, so complaining about it won't change anything.
  2. the way I did it was I just kept fighting the gamma broodmother over and over again
  3. Basilisks should intimidate other creatures I find it really annoying when I'm going somewhere on a basilisk and everything wants to pick a fight with me, I can pretty easily kill them(wild creatures), but still annoying. Shouldn't they intimidate other creatures? At least small creatures like ravagers and raptors shouldn't want to attack a giant snake.
  4. you could try singleplayer. you could have save backups then
  5. don't you think it would be a little bit overpowered if a lvl 4 drake could glide across the whole map without any danger whatsoever?
  6. I hope they will leave the rest as a surprise for when the dlc launches
  7. he was talking about duping and meshing, which you don't get on singleplayer(obviously). and I don't get that many bugs in it either
  8. just play singleplayer/private server
  9. if you have fun while playing it, its not a waste, and I don't have that much of an issue with the bugs anyway.
  10. Split Screen on Steam This is probably asked a lot, but with Steam Remote Play Together coming out, would it be possible to add split screen to Ark after Genesis?
  11. I saw one of those on aberration too
  12. Extinction spawn in sound Is it a well known thing that the spawn in sound on Extinction is the one from the island? I'm playing singleplayer.
  13. What would be the point in an earthquake if it didn't inconvenience you in some way(s)?
  14. you only have to post it once
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