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  1. Yup lost mine still waiting 5 years in the crapper ty wild card and the oh so busy devs
  2. 887 trashed Are they going to fix anything
  3. Yeah let's have an event where you cant keep what you find and cant stay in a server for more than 20 mins. Oh dont forget that you cant raise anything because they never addressed the trough issues lmaooooo good going wild card.
  4. Wild card help Has wild card stopped answering tickets? Seems so.
  5. I've played ark since day one we still die on the teleporter blue screen when transferring and I cant even log into 887 rag because of lag in the server after the merger lol again and again. I've put in tickets enough to know dont bother they dont care.... I have not had any tickets answering since day one ... time to find a new game I guess, good luck to you all have fun on laggnarock
  6. I cant even log into 887 rag 9999 ping all others are normal
  7. Dmech

    Merge server

    25 min trying to load into the room conan exiles here we come lol
  8. Dmech

    Merge server

    It's a regular server but being flooded with new people and the lag is real we 20 of us have moved ty ark
  9. Dmech

    Merge server

    Merge server Snce the merger our 887 rag server is flooded with new players and crap connections to the point where most if us can't play ty great job ark devs . Guess its time to move on to other games ty for all your fantastic performance as far as support, gm support and development
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