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  1. Unfortunately unless you're on a pc you can't and I am on xbox, gotta get myself a gaming pc at some point to avoid some of this nonsense.
  2. It's not a boss battle exactly but I think I get what you mean, I still think that's pretty ridiculous, you should be able to logout during a boss battle on single player. A better solution would be for it to just not save and when I logged in again it reverting to an earlier save, or at the very least the game warning the player about this mechanic while doing the tribute. I'm still hoping that this is one of the many glitches that this game is riddled with or at least the island is, I haven't played the others, are they any better glitch wise do you know?
  3. Died upon exiting to main menu while inside Tek cave Please move this to wherever appropriate So Im doing single player on xbox and finally went to tackle the Tek cave on the island, I got all my level 200 plus fully imprinted rexes, theris and yutys inside and decided to exit to main menu to force save and upon reloading I'm greeted with the I died message, so I ghost into the cave and my worst fear has come true and all of my 20 hand raised Dino's are gone along with pretty much weeks of work. Naturally I'm pretty upset and cannot believe this is an actual game mechanic, like surely this is only a glitch, no way this is intentional, can someone please shed some light? I can't even. Bloody hell.
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