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  1. Yes, if you go to roughly Lat:25 Long:80 in the trench, there are blue gems up towards the hills, bring a flying mount as well
  2. The obelisks are Bullshit: a thread Picture this. You’re on Ragnarok, where drops are quickly stolen and the Blue Obelisk is heavily guarded against transfers. You try and transfer via Obelisk. Killed. Wait a solid minute to spawn. That whole minute the people who murdered you are yelling racial slurs in your ears. Nothing can be done. Try again for a nee Obelisk. Exact same thing, different people. Try for the third. Die on spawning because spawned in a tribal cage placed exactly on the points.
  3. The “Already in the server!” Bug So there’s this bug thats happening on NA Ragnarok smalltribes 34 where it will kick players out then claim that the connecting player is already on the session
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