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  1. Cryopod Cool done Hey so I run a server on xbox and was wondering if there was a way to reduce the cryopod cooldown in the .ini. Thanks in advance
  2. Really newbie question but how do I role back?
  3. Really newbie question but how do I do a role back lol.
  4. Yes I know this but when I was in genral settings I set it to Christmas which I thought was a good idea until I realised I wouldn't get auto-events. So I wont get valentines
  5. Nitrado Coding Hi so I've recently brought a nitrado xbox server. When I started setting it yp5in genral setting there was a option to change the event. But at the time I overlooked it. Then I went to Expert settings to carry on with the coding for my server. But now I would like to activate the valentines event. However I have been told that if I switch from expert settings go genral it will delete everything. Any chance anyone knows how to do it in Expert settings? Thanks in advance
  6. Currency So I'm starting a ark server and I need a currency. I thought of metal or apex drops but I thought with my father rate metal would be too easy to get. Any ideas?
  7. No servers Just to let you know everyone I know has done the update but There's no servers. If this can get fixed as quick as it would be much appreciated
  8. Ark on PC! I have recently upgraded to PC and I need ark does anyone have good tutorial on how to install it on PC and how to get mods on it?!
  9. Cryopods! Hi everyone I know it's really noobie of me but if a creature is in a cryopods does their hunger go down! Thanks in advance!
  10. Metal disappearing! Hi everyone not sure if it's just me but when I go to place any metal structure/ building stuff ect. it is saying that there isn't any snap point and it's just not appearing green or red. Is this a public thing or is it just my ark! By the way I'm on xbox. I'm also not sure if this is the case on other platforms!
  11. Name ideas! Hi everyone I have recently done some sabertooth breeding and got a mutated purple female and I need a name! Any suggestions are helpful thx a lot!
  12. Help! Hi everyone I am playing ark on xbox and would like to know how you get rid of the chat box on servers?
  13. Xbox game options! I want to disable the chat autohide on xbox. The option in options does not do it. Anyone know how?
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