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  1. Cryopod Cool done Hey so I run a server on xbox and was wondering if there was a way to reduce the cryopod cooldown in the .ini. Thanks in advance
  2. Really newbie question but how do I role back?
  3. Really newbie question but how do I do a role back lol.
  4. Yes I know this but when I was in genral settings I set it to Christmas which I thought was a good idea until I realised I wouldn't get auto-events. So I wont get valentines
  5. Nitrado Coding Hi so I've recently brought a nitrado xbox server. When I started setting it yp5in genral setting there was a option to change the event. But at the time I overlooked it. Then I went to Expert settings to carry on with the coding for my server. But now I would like to activate the valentines event. However I have been told that if I switch from expert settings go genral it will delete everything. Any chance anyone knows how to do it in Expert settings? Thanks in advance
  6. Currency So I'm starting a ark server and I need a currency. I thought of metal or apex drops but I thought with my father rate metal would be too easy to get. Any ideas?
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