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  1. k1ra

    Base locations

    Tons of great areas especially near waterfalls. Try the west area on the border of the snow, real pretty waterfall there.
  2. Well. Give the studio some time.
  3. As far as I’ve realised, Invulnerability is the only thing that has been affected. Even if anything happens, you can just use the “Heal All” function to save yourself. What’s the problem?
  4. k1ra

    Base locations

    My current base is at the peak of the Volcano. I don’t know if this is a bug or something that went wrong but nothing ever attacks. You really really need a flyer though, preferably an Argentavis or a Griffin to carry all your stuff. It’s a really great spot because it’s chock-full of Metal, Obsidian and Crystal. If you bring an Anky up here, you’re basically invincible. Only problem is that there’s no wood/thatch/fiber or berries and anything like that, but the Volcano is surrounded with plenty of woods so that’s not too much of a problem. If you have God Console this is the best place. (I’m guessing you might have because you’re Lvl100 and still looking for base locations)? However, you don’t have access to your water tames, the ocean is really important for Black Pearls and Oil, so you need to have another mini-base. Other great locations are 1) Hidden Lake (everybody loves this place but I don’t prefer because I get the creeps when I see Sarcos wiggling around in the lake), 2) the island mentioned above. My first ever base in ARK (a thatch hut) was built there until the day a Therizino came along and wrecked everything. Beaver Dams also spawn there, just be prepared to scram when you steal their wood/pearls/rare flowers and mushrooms and they get angry. 3) South Haven is really cool if you build a bridge from the island to the mainland! You don’t have to worry about anything. My base was built here when I was moderately well-off, close to the Lava Cave (which has a little teeny bit of Crystal spawn at the very entrance so you don’t have to actually go in, I got my Spyglass Crystal from there) and the ground is super flat for building. There’s also a really deep harbour for your Pleisosaurs or Mosasaurs. I have some mini-bases: Near the Whitesky Cave there’s this super duper flat piece of Snow land jutting out from the mainland, around the Northwest. Once you clear the trees it’s super duper flat and amazing. I use this place to secure my water tames. In the Redwoods (because the Tree Platforms are just too cool, but) most importantly for the Sap. If you want to tame Achatina (snails that produce Organig Polymer and super handy), you need Sweet Veggie Cake, which needs Bee Honey and Sap to make. You need to have a small place in the Redwoods to attach your Bee Hive to a tree. I have beds outside all the caves in case I ever need to go for a quick artifact run not knowing if I’ll make it out alive I also use God Console (though I didn’t use the Level Up), so if you have any questions about where you want to start just ask P.S. I hate the swamps. I don’t ever go there.
  5. If it is invisible how do you see its poop?¿?¿
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