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  1. Terrible support So I got a new switch last Friday. Lost my character. Solo tribe. No way to access anything. Opened a ticket. They closed it. Told me to contact Nintendo support. Nintendo support can't help me. Opened another ticket. They closed it. Opened another ticket. Finally spoke with a GM late today. I have an appointment next Monday at 7pm. No access to any of my stuff. 10 days just to get an appointment with a GM. My issue should take 10 minutes for him to fix... Also own this on PC. Never needed support before.
  2. Need help from GM I got a new Nintendo switch. I lost my character. I need an appointment with a GM to get my tribe back. Does anyone know how long this process takes? It's been 4 days now. I have not made much progress with the ticket. I'm worried I will lose all my stuff. I spent a lot of time building my base and I can't use any of it. This is frustrating. I understand they don't have support on the weekends. I was hoping to be able to setup an appointment today. But the response I got was not good and my other ticket has no activity.
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