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  1. Official Valguero Blue Gems Ok so I've search everywhere in the abberation region, and apparently there is not blue gems insight ... other than getting them in the radiation area.. but need a hazmat suit.. how we supposed to make a hazmat suit if the blue gems are in the radiation area? Anyone find a blue gem node that is a safe spot from radiation? Please Link a picture and gps of the location.
  2. YonkoEx

    PVE cave building

    Even if it leads to a underwater cave?
  3. PVE cave building Ok so being at every DLC and pretty sure there is a topic about this. Coords 30/10 there is a waterfall cave. People able to build and block off all the entrance without being reported? I've seen many reports that gms will just laugh because the people who are usually complaining are the people who didn't claim it first. Lol... what are everyone's input ? Is it safe to block it off assuming it is just like every DLC map
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