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  1. Phew, I was kind of scared that the concept of dossiers would be scrapped post-Genesis. They are some of my favorite parts of ARK.
  2. Either an Ornithocheirus, Tropeognathus, Anhanguera, or something related. I'm excited either way!
  3. Pteranodon needs a model update. Its face is unpleasant, but the wings are godawful and need to be redone. It's also kind of odd that it doesn't have pycnofibres. I understand that not everything in ark has to be accurate, but all other pterosaurs have pycnofibres and pteranodon looks sort of slimy without them.
  4. Oh my god new TLC and new dino! Thank y'all so much! Kinda hoping it's pteranodon. That model is godawful and could use some sprucing up.
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