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  1. You are indirectly naming me as a beggar, I think you didn't understand the original post, I don't want to be given anything because for something is the game, to learn, and apart you talk to me about wyverns and ragnarok, in short, you talk to me about 1 million kilometers when I only have a few centimeters in Ark.
  2. You are not understanding what I want to say, and I see that you did not understand the post either, I since I created the post clarify that I'm in legacy, which in fact is the reason for the post, I know that one day they will close my server and lose everything, you definitely did not understand, thanks anyway.
  3. I don't plan to touch the local mode, I don't like to play alone, in a mode where you know you put 1 command and you have everything solved, not counting that if you want to start another map, you lose everything from the previous one, I like to play on servers, know that there are people to talk, trade, coordinate to do things together, etc, and no, I still don't build in a straw house because I'm already in the process of breeding in my legacy server, yes, I received a lot of help, without asking for it because I don't like to ask for anything, but I'm learning the game for the day the legacy die and have that experience, now if you contributed something, like making a boat and play there for a few days, preparing everything until you find ground, the problem is that when you add you have aggressive dinosaurs that break your house, anyway wait to open new servers, you know tell me if for the 11 that is the date where they will do all the business of servers, open new official servers?
  4. Ah, because you can not learn in multiplayer mode truth? I have to play only in single mode because others are craving? when for something are the servers?, I'm going to answer you because after this I have 1 post more daily, and the truth that I see that you will not contribute anything useful, send a person to the central areas of the maps where a straw house does not last even 5 minutes, I guess I will have to get used to only receive absurd answers or toxic people. Apart from the fact that you focused well only on that part, no? when I also planned other more useful things in which if you could contribute something for others to learn, instead of sending me to single player to not bother the veterans who own everything :). If there is a moderator reading this, please close this post.
  5. I'm going to answer a couple of things based on all the comments, the one I want to answer before anything else is the gentleman who said that I did not take advantage of opportunity when new servers came out, good gentleman, as you want me to take advantage of that if I did not have ark? you do not read anything of what I said, nor play 2 weeks on ps4 or that I have just over 1 week on pc, simply saw the words that offended you most and threw up your response meaninglessly. The next thing I wanted to mention is what they said about ''ask for'' land from someone or ''buy it'', what is this? real life? I have to slaves myself to play because the players who arrived earlier say so? is this madness serious? They are mentioning '' go deep into the map, not only see the coasts'' but what a coincidence that those areas are the most dangerous to live and a rookie there surrounded by aggressive dinosaurs can not live, because he will lose everything constantly. And something else almost general, they didn't take into account the language barrier either, I don't speak English, and as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I use a translator to communicate, because unfortunately, Wild Card I don't think it has intentions to open a Latin server, and the one who says to me: ''learn English'', come here to see how people live to say it again. I saw good comments where their argument made me see some logic in the sense of the pillars, but anyway there are things that can not be done, such as having to slaves and self humiliate to get a quiet place to live, the only people who live in dangerous areas are those who previously had a quiet base and moved, or are numerous tribes. And no, I am not toxic, I am simply expressing my impression about this, and those who laugh at my post or say: erase it, it's just another crybaby, repeating a post that has already been done many times, because kindly I tell them not to comment, because it hurts to touch their morals because they own servers. By the way, I hope you don't overlook this question, nobody knows if on the 11th of this month you open new servers? and if so, at what time will you open them?
  6. That is not the solution, it would only be to encourage in silence that people who abuse these things continue to do it again and again without getting tired.
  7. For people like you, who want to own land that you're not going to use, is that the game is like this.
  8. Yes, look beyond the beaches and no, very few areas are free and what a coincidence! are the most dangerous to start, where in 2 seconds any aggressive dinosaur bursts the base, every day I dedicate time to find areas, to have time margin for when we leave without legacy servers.
  9. Veteran players take over servers, new players suffer First of all, I apologize for my English, I'm using a translator to communicate, keep this in mind. First of all, I want to say that I have played ark 2 weeks in ps4 and I just started in pc, more exactly in PVE, because I do not have the console anymore, said this, I will tell my experience. From the beginning I always understood that the legacy servers were better to play because you could find land to live (which is true), the official servers only have 3 or 4 tribes owned absolutely the entire map of their servers in which they play, leave nothing, spaces they never use, fill them to pillars, as do those who are supposed to take care of the game not to do anything about it .... In my server I progressed a lot, although being a legacy, has the days counted, so I decided to gradually explore official servers to start from 0 although it hurts me, and what a coincidence, I did not find any space to live in more than 20 servers, which leads us to the players that we will lose absolutely everything in legacy, to be between the sword and the wall. I really do not understand how it can be so selfish, not to let other people play, and indirectly harm the game, which I have already met many people who will leave ark for these things, and I repeat, among which the players own absolutely every centimeter of territory in official servers, and we are going to close completely the legacy servers, we are between the sword and the wall. If you're not going to give it the urgent importance that I think this situation needs, at least open new servers so that people like us, both new and old who are going to lose everything in the legacy servers, have a chance to start over again, without having to be suffering in this way to find a place to start playing. I was fortunate that on my server people have a nice community formed and give ground to the new players and teach them to play, but this already escapes even a veteran player, by the simple fact that other players arrived earlier. I hope if any moderator responds professionally to this topic, that it is with seriousness, and if not, but to be a disappointment is not going to happen. I don't expect anything other than hate because of what I'm saying, so without further ado, I'll say goodbye, I'll read your opinions. Greetings.
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