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  1. I play on a crossark.. moving between maps has become second nature.. the idea of an event item being tied to a single map seems unusual... I ended up tossing them all on the ground because I couldn't upload or transfer home with them in my inventory. Can anyone confirm if this is intended behavior or a bug? That plus not being able to stack them means they won't last long at all anyways so they seem like a garbage reward.
  2. I can't seem to move the box of chocolates between maps or upload them. Anyone else?
  3. I've tamed a ton of bears but only gotten good hp stats like that once or twice. It must be a super rare thing to get 57 points in a stat.
  4. My best bears are 4960.1hp, 2650stam, 1350oxy, 15,900food, 1248wt, and 408.1 damage (57, 43, 40, 43, 46) clean, no mutations. (44 in speed too) They birth at level 322. But this is off on a crossark so can't offer anything up for trade etc.
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