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  1. dont worry, once the volcano starts erupting you have quite abit of time to just teleport out before it blows its hole! just get to a safespot first so you dont tp out without your tame
  2. i would wait for genesis part 2 to release and grab a spot right as it launches. But thats if you are desprit, most of the time you can find a spot after a few days of raft life
  3. dang this sucks I hope i can find em
  4. missing tames! i play on xbox 1197 and we experienced a rollback of about 2 minutes or so and for some reason my male megachelon is missing! idk what to do rn but has anyone experienced this before?
  5. i think they get stuck in the mesh the same thing happens when i teleport with my mek but the mek doesnt go in the floor completely so i can cryo it to get it out of the mesh. nowadays i dont tp with my mek uncryoed
  6. dododex is incorrect i think i had to feed 437 to a 135
  7. catstar26

    the caves

    the caves what are the coordinates of all the caves in genesis? i only know of the magma cave and the west center lunar cave with featherlites
  8. go to whatever spawn you went to and tp to a different spawn/go to where you tped
  9. I have found one at sw lunar on console but I haven’ end one since so they must be super rare
  10. catstar26

    Gamma moeder

    Gamma moeder I’m trying to get an astrocetus tek saddle and i heard gamma moeder drops it sometimes. What do I need for gamma moeder or is there an easier way to get the tek saddle?
  11. seems like i might just start breeding them till i get a good female and then just clone them at this point. element is super easy to get and isnt as mind numbing as 1300 blood packs
  12. i honestly thought that they would be immune to stun since in real life sea turtles are immune to jellyfish poison
  13. i would NOT reccomened bringing them to other maps. i dont think they can outrun jellies and you would just get stun locked. if you COULD outrun them then sure i guess you could but you would need to go offline on land because megalos still agro
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