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  1. I would love to see wyverns get the new patterns. I mean, look at forest wyverns those look sick. I also would like to see gasbags have the stellar biome patterns too
  2. Coelacanth I’m having a lot of trouble finding fish on rag. Normally this isn’t an issue because i just go to valguero to fish but i need chocolate for event taming and you can’t transfer it. What do I do?
  3. Pheonix is fastest in a line but griffin swoop is the fastest
  4. Pelegornis are so good for good fishing cause you can fish in spot so where it’s hard to put down chairs
  5. Pelagornis I can see the value of pelagornis go up drastically during the event period. Anyways, I can’t wat to use some good fishing spots on my pelican
  6. catstar26

    Ice worm queen

    Ice worm queen Are three thylas with 15k hp and 700% dmg enough for ice queen? Prim saddles
  7. Scared to do alpha dragon I am breeding rex’s With 21k hatch and 1k hatch melee so with some leveling I can do mega p and brood with a good yutyrannus and saddles but idk about alpha dragon. Should I use deinons, get a boss seat or try breading some boss theris or anything else. Any help isn’t good for me
  8. Real men use stone hatchets
  9. i used a thyla but going back i accidently fell into the lava this weekend i shall try again i hope i make it
  10. the artifact of the massive for alpha brood. how? how the heck do i do this solo? was so close to completing it but got killed by lava on thyla and lost it. what do i use for it? should i go on a megalania and use bug repelent or something? i have no idea.
  11. LOosing my valuables cause of this stinking hosting issue I was raising some deinons, an event fire wyvern and aberrant megalo and decide to go to ragnorok to get some event wyvern eggs and before I I know it I’m stuck try trying to join the server. I brought my ice wyvern with me and 30 minutes in i et killed y a dilo and I ta its like an hour hour since that happened. please help or something I think all my babies starved and i lost my ice wyvern. I tried all the fixes and none of them work
  12. Frost wyvern eggs disappear when transferring from valguero to island For whatever reason when I transfer from valguero to island my ice wyvern eggs get removed from from my inv for no reason. This does not have happen with fire wyverns
  13. Doing some corruption nodes and lost my wyvern I was riding my giga and got frozen. I got off like any normal person and fell through the map for no reason. I lost some valuable items like my my wyvern that I froze. IDK what to do now
  14. If i had to choose one it would be the theri. It’s quite hard to tame for your normal beach bob but it’s a great fighter, has decent movement speed and is a master gatherer. If i could chose three I would use theri anky and gasbags. Theri is still a master gatherer but I wouldn’t chose Doedicurus just because anky is easier to tame and grants more metal. And gasbags cause they have a huge weight pool, they can soak damage like a boss, and their way faster than argys. Ofcourse this is probably biased cause i love gasbags to death but I just prefere using a gasbags for mining missions rather than argys
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