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  1. This has always been the problem. They ignore the constant crashes because it doesn't matter. No consequences for those purposely crashing the servers with a hundred brontos all attacking something at once because again it doesn't matter to them. They don't give 2 craps about how the game plays only that people buy the dlc.
  2. Agreed, I am considering just making a refresher character on this server just to keep our stuff from despawning so I can actually play. Already lost my lvl 134 character to this server. Can't get it back because I didn't have a screenshot of my implant. Who takes a screenshot of those implant and it's level unlocks? No one that hasn't already lost a character because they don't know it's required. Now I have to find someone who's doing a alpha Rockwell so I can get my levels back. Good luck with that.....no one runs that anymore.
  3. How interesting, maybe they are doing some sort of enforcement. Haven't had a chance to log in since Sunday night so I don't even know if it is still down or not.
  4. Extinction 459 been down for like 5 hours at this point. Ragnarok 81 was down for hours yesterday as well. Seems there is a widespread issue here across the servers. The hosts gear cant handle the game or what? Any comment would be appreciated.
  5. This had to have been reported during the beta testing. Cant enjoy these high breeding/taming rates if everything takes you 4-5 seconds to do.
  6. Not a problem. now if we could just get 556, and 557 fixed i could go back to prepping for boss fights. Cant really do anything at all on those servers now. @lilpanda is there by chance any update on 556 and 557?
  7. 558 is up. Type in 558 dont rely on your favorites. It just moved to a new machine so it probably got a new ip and its going to be missing from your list.
  8. @lilpanda It has not solved the problem on 556. The 255 ping, rubber banding and 10-20 second lag spikes are still occurring just as regularly.
  9. I would also like to know if there has been any progress. It was still bad last night.
  10. Thank you so much. I would love to play on the server today.
  11. 556 is the same way. It has been unplayable for more than 3 days now.
  12. This implies that they never read submitted tickets before. It also implies that the behavior by the people exploiting causing increased server instability was not seen as a problem. The game has a terrible history of allowing bad behavior because of some sort of perceived difference in status (mega tribe, streamers, etc.) and that needs to be publicly dealt with so that the people can have some confidence in wildcard again.
  13. Surprised any of the asian players even use those servers. I see nothing but box tribes on every NA server i log in to.
  14. Come on extinction style color events for a few months leading up to an atlas style map that links together ALL the other maps.
  15. This is an issue that has plagued the game since the beginning. The PvP streamers are who the Dev team is catering to. It is the same with all the games this company and its offshoots makes. I would think it would be fairly simple to have a separate ruleset for PvP and PvE but if it has not happened by now I don't think it will be happening.
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