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  1. Hey Wildcard, can we get a real life creature vote for The Center Map at some point? As of right now, The Center is the only map that doesn't have a creature exclusive to that map. Since the Center is mainly water, I was thinking maybe a water creature?
  2. Full Name: Coelophysis triassicus (Name's still a work in progress) Common Name: Coelophysis Diet: Carnivore Time: Triassic Temperament: Skittish Wild: Out of all the creatures on Scorched Earth, the Coelophysis is the most interesting. Think of this creature as a more docile version of the Dilo. It will flee if you get too close to it and its not very strong. However, I've seen it get along pretty well with Raptors to the point where the Raptors will not attack it and. On top of that, if anything attacks the Coelophysis, every raptor in the vicinity will defend this little guy. I still don't know why to this day but I'm currently doing research as we speak. Tamed: To tame a Coelophysis, you must first kill any raptor in the vicinity for if you walk too close to it, the raptors will attack you. Not to mention the Coelophysis will flee from you. Once all the Raptors are defeated, you must prove to the Coelophysis that you can be trusted by killing any nearby smaller creatures towards it, Kind of like the Carcha back on the Island. Do this enough times and you will have a trustworthy companion. While too small to be ridden, having one or a group of these critters can be very useful when encountering Raptors. As long as you have at least one Coelophysis by your side, Raptors will not attack you. However, you still have to watch out for any other predator, in fact, when your Coelophysis gets attacked by a Sabertooth or a Wolf, any Raptors that are nearby whill actually rush over to help defend the Coelophysis. The Coelophysis also has a call where if there are any raptors near by, you will temporarily be able to aid you on attacking any target.
  3. Honestly, I'm not too happy with the winner. We had all these cool creatures in the votes, Gorgonopsid, Nothosaurus, Hatzegopteryx, The Crocodile thing, the Cave lion the giant cheetah, hell, I would've been happy with the goat or bison but out of all the creatures in the vote, the Butterfly/Moth won? Well, at least the beetle didn't win so its the lesser of two evils I guess.
  4. A herbivorous Nodosauran Ankylosaurid from the late cretaceous period. The Nodosaurus could act as the most effecient way to gather Crystal because we all know how hard it is to find crystal especially when we're trying to get a spyglass. As for taming, it would be one of the easier dinos to tame and all you have to do is pet it and occasionally hand feed it until it likes you. Everyone is asking for new Theropods or Sauropods or Flyers, but what Ark really needs is another Ankylosaur because right now, the Ankylo is lonely. I mean when it comes to cousins, the Stego has the Kentro, the Trike has the Pachyrhino, the Rex has the Yuty, the Spino has the Bary and the Bronto has the Diplo, Titan & Amarga but the poor Ankylo doesn't have anybody! The Nodosaurus could add another useful gatherer to the game and we really don't have too many of those. What do you guys think?
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